JML San Siro Coffee Machine

I am always interested in anything that can make the process of getting a coffee into my system quicker, and the JML San Siro Coffee Machine Compact can offer you such a wide variety of drinks it promises to be a good coffee companion. This machine uses San Siro coffee and tea capsules but is also compatible with all the Nespresso range, this opens you up to a huge amount of beverage choice. It’s reasonably compact, 11.8 x 36.5 x 25cm which means it’s kind of tall and kind of long but narrow, so it won’t hog too much of your kitchen top.

RHA MA750 Wireless

The MA750 Wireless headphones from RHA featuring noise isolation and a lightweight Aerophonic housing design (just 41g), are packaged beautifully and these headphones look premium from the outset. They have been designed to channel the sound from the headphone's driver directly into the listener's ear without obstruction, thanks to the housing design which is unique to RHA's MA Series.

RevoNext RN-QT3

The RN-QT3 from RevoNext are available in three designs, Matte Black, Grey Space and Red, they have an almost steampunk looks which creates a unique style, the earbuds have a strong outer casing made from aluminium alloy but from the look alone they don’t strike you as comfortable. In the box you get the Quad Drivers In-Ear Headphones three pairs of Silicone Ear Tips (S, M, L) the 3.5MM 0.78mm 2 pin Detachable Cable and a User Manual.

Proviz Reflect360 Performance Cycling Jacket

New for the 2018/2019 season, the Reflect360 Performance Cycling Jacket from Proviz has been designed to keep you not just visible but fricking unmissable on the dark roads this time of year. It have been created to go over the top of your regular cycling gear (including waterproofs as there is little water projection from this jacket), this jacket will offer 360 reflection from vehicle, street and torch lights helping to keep you safe on your travels.

Ooma Butterfleye - Currently (USA only)

There has been a recent spate of burglary’s around my area recently, and I’m not going to lie, it has put the wind up me. Every time I leave the house for a long period of time, I feel a sense of tension as to whether everything will be as I left it on my return. The Ooma Butterfleye is a security device which aims to look after your home when you can’t, it is currently only available in the USA however it aims to cross the Atlantic in the future.

On Running Cloudflyer Waterproof

The ever popular Cloudflyer from On Running has had a waterproof upgrade for the winter, it’s hard enough to find the motivation to head out for a run with the dark evenings and cold that the sight of rain and the thought of cold wet socks is enough to send you under the duvet for good. The Cloudflyer Waterproof provides a lightweight shoe with waterproof protection, it’s available in one design Black & Lunar in both Men’s and Women’s and they are available in half sizes.

KitSound Diggit Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

December might not be the ideal time for parties outside but there’s something wonderful about being snuggled around a fire with a blanket, beer, and your mates - alternatively you can wait another 6 months for the temperature to peak before venturing outside. Either way, the KS Diggit is ready when you are.

Klymit Armored V Sleeping Pad

When it comes to comfort people often think more is…well more, however you don’t need to have the thickest mattress in the world to get a decent nights sleep. You heard it here first, the Klymit Armored V sleeping pad has been created to offer you an excellent night’s sleep, even on the most rugged of terrain with a thin sleeping pad that can be inflated in less than a minute.

Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus

This time of year, we seem to have an endless stream of guests who want to come over, eat our food, and drink our booze. On top of the hassle of feeding and talking to them, we need to pretend we don’t live in absolute filth by cleaning the place. It’s not just the inside we have to worry about, with all the outdoor Christmas lights and plastic reindeers we like to make sure the whole place is spotless.

Jam Zero Chill

The Zero Chill from Jam has a unique design to make it stand out from the crowd at the party. It is available in Grey, Blue, Blue Camo, Cream Soda and Black with an unusual sloping top, fabric carry loop and large “X” “-“, and “O” buttons. It has a powerful range when connected via Bluetooth of up to 30m which means you can take photos from a distance of your mates dancing around like fools without interrupting the music at any point.