Kabuto Smart Carry-On XT 2x2

My first thought when I saw the Kabuto Smart was that I was going to need to wear something nicer than paint-stained sweat pants on my next flight, this bag is so handsome you are going to want to look your best whilst travelling so as not to embarrass it. This bag comes in six stunning designs: Black Silver, Black Graphite, White Yellow, Graphite, Ink Blue (my personal favourite) and Black Copper (the model we received).

Hot Dox Complete Kit

Let’s face it - we spend a lot of time using keyboards. If you spend a lot of time glued to yours, you may have found your wrists and fingers complaining. For a while, ergonomic keyboards have attempted to ease the strain on our hands, but one of the most unique solutions is the Ergodox. This design splits your keyboard in half, into two pieces that are curved in a shape that mimics the natural reach of your hand.

Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0

We have recently moved from a house with a “garden” that consisted solely of gravel, concrete and the neighbours’ cat’s poop to a proper garden that is made up of a front and back lawn and what I can only assume to be poop from a pterodactyl that lives in the tree above our patio. Having never used a lawnmower before (and that gory scene from the Happening fresh in my mind) I was a little apprehensive about both assembling and using the new Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0.

ExtremeMist 2 In 1 Hydration Misting and Cooling pack

The ExtremeMist 2 in 1 Hydration misting and cooling pack is comprised of two components, starting with the vest-style pack, this is a lightweight pack that hugs the body thanks to the ergonomic design, it doesn’t bounce when you walk for a more comfortable and balanced experience. There are two sizes to choose from: Small and Large (2L reservoir in each) both with nine pockets built in to the pack that allow you store all your essentials and keep them within easy reach.

Dragon Alliance Drac Matte Black H2O with Polarised Silver Ion Lens

Dragon Alliance was born in 1993 in a garage in Capo Beach, CA, to the proud father Will Howard, with the aim to build a company that can create eyewear and accessories for active lifestyles and encompass his own passions for surfing, snowboarding, and riding dirt bikes. With the heat wave we have had this year I would have been lost without a decent pair of sunglasses, trying to enjoy a day out whilst squinting and shielding your eyes with your hand, let alone attempting any kind of sports activity.

Dermadry Total

Dermadry Total is a clinically proven iontophoresis machine that treats excess sweatiness. Suitable for hands, feet and underarms, the issue Dermadry tackles feels a little icky to talk about, but that’s exactly why this is such a useful device! No one wants sweaty hands or feet, and they definitely don’t want those embarrassing underarm stains, and yet, it can happen to any of us. To some, it happens more easily than others, and that’s where Dermadry comes in.

Dakine Wrkshp Kellett 25L Pack

The Wrkshp Kellett is a tough 25L backpack from Dakine, constructed from a four-layer lamination sailcloth, 210D nylon and polyester with ripstop face and a durable water-repellent finish making it suitable for exploring everything from the city to more rugged environments. The Kellett measures up at 21” x 12” x 6" and comes with its very own removable accessory case (8” x 5.5” x 2") which can be used to store headphones, snacks or toiletries.

Dakine Urbn Mission 23L Backpack

The Urbn Mission backpack is so cool it doesn’t even use A’s, screw that vowel it is so 2018! It comes in a wide range of colours and materials, choose from Orange (for high visibility), Squall, Rincon, Woodrose, Night Sky, Ashcroft Camo (for blending into your surroundings), Garnet Shadow and R2R Olive. There aren’t many bags that can say they are skateboard friendly but the Urbn wants to let you roll to your destination and we are always a fan of anything that helps you keep more active.

Dainese AWA PM2 Polartec Trousers

Some people may consider the idea of strapping yourself to a dinner tray and throwing yourself down a mountain as a rather peculiar hobby, however for many people (myself included) snowboarding is the most fun you can have in the cold and everyone knows it’s cooler than skiing (shots fired!!) Part of the snowboarding culture is looking sharp on the slopes, your outfit either needs to be sleek and stylish or bold and loud, but whatever you decide to go for it is essential your gear can withstand the harsh conditions on and off the piste.