Welcome to the latest Gadgethead

Gadgethead Magazine is an online magazine. Our aim is to give our readers the most honest reviews we can.  We also want to ensure all manufacturers have the opportunity to promote their goods regardless of their financial standing. In fact we are incredibly proud that start up companies have just as much chance of promoting their goods as do established brands.  Our policy is simple in that we don’t offer returns unless previously agreed. We also reserve the right to keep or sell the goods to fund our writers and keep our magazine active.  We do not offer sponsored reviews where we are paid directly for the review and we feel that this model is the best way to get an objective and impartial review.  So whilst we won’t guarantee a favourable review, we will guarantee an honest one. 
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Established in 2015 off the back of a small gadget section within the B2B Magazine Endeavour, we have grown into an individual title reviewing a range of products from different areas, such as...

Outdoors (Camping, hiking, wandering aimlessly etc.)

Audio (Stuff that, errr... sounds good)

Baby (Anything connected to tiny humanoids)

Business (Office gear, tools, BUSINESS!)

Gadgets (When we can't figure out what category to put a product in)

Gaming (Rage quitting projectiles)

Health and Beauty (Things that make you look fabulous!)

Household (Stuff you can put in your house)

Photography (This one's easy)

Sport and Fitness (As is this)

Toys and Games (My favourite)

Vehicles (Bikes, cars, submarines and air baloons)


Who works here?


Director/Ideas Man Steve Warman

Director/Finance Dude Anthony Letchumanan

Writers Various lovely people