Happy Halloween!!

Welcome to The Gadget Head, where we round up and review everything from tools to toys. Just in time for the spooky season, we're highlighting some of our most scarily good finds.

The Alloy Origins 60 keyboard, its keys glowing rainbow colours
The Alloy Origins 60 from HyperX is the perfect keyboard for late-night gaming. Slay monsters by the glow of your keys.


A cartoon jack-o-lantern
Play with Kano's Halloween-themed coding games to build a spooooky animation with the Kano PC!


monsters rampant on a card game box
The creatures of KeyForge go through monstrous mutations in this FFG expansion pack!


The moonshine ball shines in the dark
The MoonShine glows, shines, flashes, and bounces in the dark


Lego Hogwarts
Embrace the magical season with a trip to Hogwarts (the Lego version, that is!)