APL Women’s TechLoom Zipline


Finding the perfect running shoe can be a fine art, with many keen runners spending hundreds of pounds finding the right fit. Every time I have tried to find the perfect running footwear there is always a characteristic that isn’t quite right, whether it be the shape, weight, or design. However, APL have come to the rescue with the Women’s TechLoom Zipline, sporting comfort and flexibility whilst running. I was keen to test the TechLoom Zipline, as I am trying to get back into running as the weather gets warmer. When going for a jog around my local area, I found them to be really comfortable when worn over an extended period. This is thanks to the springy ‘Future Foam’ that runs on the inside sole of the shoe, acting as a great cushion for reducing the impact of my foot on the tarmac.

When it comes to the exterior of the shoe, I personally found that the shoes offered great support and were very robust, but also not clunky and heavy, making it the perfect balance. The outer shoe is made from thin and stretchy material, which allows for great breathability and flexibility, so the shoe moves with your foot as you run. This also makes them really nice to wear, as it effectively feels like you’re wearing socks with soles. Unlike cosy socks, I found the fit to run slightly narrow on my feet, despite getting my standard size. Therefore, if you have slightly wider feet like me, then this is just something to be aware of.

In regard to the sole, it is fairly thick but also hollow, so that the shoe remains light. The main sole itself isn’t very flexible, however, the bottom of the sole has a thin layer of gel that creates grip for the trainer. Here, you can begin to find external cushioning, alongside ample grip to avoid you slipping and sliding across the road, track, or grass.

Furthermore, a small but great feature is the fact the loops for the laces are made from strings of material that stretches the entire shoe. Consequently, when running, the laces stretch and move with the movement of the foot. I thought this worked really well because it meant that the laces did not cut into my foot when on the move.

APL has provided plenty of design and colour options so that you can find the colour combination that works for you. Often, fellow runners stick to black, white, or grey, so I like the fact that APL has thought of the box by providing loads of funky colours. The Ziplines I tested were in a ‘Blue Haze/ Impulse Red’, a neon runner’s dream. They of course offer all the standard colours too, but it gives you an idea of how far out you could go when getting your fitness in.

Overall, if you want bold and colourful, but also comfortable and flexible running shoes, then the TechLoom Zipline is the shoe for you!



- Comfortable to wear due to the Future Foam in the interior sole.

- Lightweight, flexible, and breathable, due to the thin material of the exterior.

- Stretchy material so the shoes adapt with the movement of your foot.

- Effective grip due to the gel layer on the bottom of the shoe.

- Lots of colour combinations available, in both standard and neon colours.


- A fairly narrow fit, so would recommend sizing up.