BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony


The ability to carry a newborn baby around handsfree is a must for new parents, especially if you are out and about. Thankfully, this is something that BabyBjörn know all too well, as the Swedish company has been providing a helping hand for over half a century. Thus, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Harmony is no different, providing comfort for the baby and the accessibility of using a carrier.  

The Baby Carrier Harmony comes in a wide range of colours, including grey, dusty pink, cream, silver, navy blue, and black – which my friend and her 6-month-old put to the test. The Baby Carrier Harmony offers four possible positions, parent-facing, world-facing, and a back carry, it also has a newborn inward-facing position for the ultimate fitting.

The carrier itself is made of super soft mesh and jersey material and extra padding to ensure that both parent and little one are comfortable. So much so, that when tested on my friend’s 6-month-old, she fell asleep easily. This is thanks to the 3D mesh material, it is not only really comfortable, but breathable, light, and easy to clean. Result!

BabyBjörn is the world leading baby carrier brand and has been manufacturing multi-award winning baby carriers for over 50 years. The carrier provides adjustable head support and seat size. The buckles are also especially designed so that they are easily locked and unlocked, which is perfectly partnered with various zips and locks so the shape can easily be changed.  Unlike many baby products, the carrier can last for an extended period of time, from 0-3 years.

Equally important, of course, is the comfort of the parents. Thanks to strong padding around the shoulders and hips, it is really comfortable to use, as the baby’s weight is distributed evenly on the wearer.

Overall, although it is slightly more expensive than other baby carriers, you pay for the quality and assurance that your baby is comfortable and safe as you get on with daily life. However, the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony is an invaluable product for any parents, as it allows you to be hands-free whilst you’re out and about wanting to get things done, keeping the little one close and protected.






- Super soft and comfortable for both baby and parent.

- Available in 6 different colours.

- Can hold the baby in four different positions.

- 3D mesh material for extra comfort.

- Size and shape easily adjustable.

- Suitable for 0-3 months.



- Can be slightly too big for smaller framed parents.