Build Your Own Puppy Cardboard Kit


Nothing is cuter than a little puppy, and now junior builders can create their own puppy companion with Build Your Own design kits. Designed for mess-free construction and hours of playtime, the cardboard kits are a perfect choice for your little ones.

The adorable Build Your Own Cardboard Kit has 28 pop-out cardboard pieces that perfectly slot together to make a little puppy friend. Once constructed the head of the puppy can move up and down for immersive play.

In addition to the puppy, the set includes a range of pop-out accessories including grooming accessories, dog toys, dog treats, a miniature duck friend and little puppy poops! All of these can be kept in the little trinket box that you can also build from the set. As a great little bonus, the puppy comes with a secret hidden heart which kids can search for and make a wish!

A big perk of Build Your Own Kit is that it is 100% sustainably made, is recyclable and is a mess-free project for your children. Each kit does not require glue so parents can feel confident giving their child this Puppy Cardboard kit without the dreaded mess of glue everywhere. I loved that even the box includes a colouring page of the puppy kids can make artwork out of the box so there is less waste.

If you are looking for an affordable STEM-based activity for your children, then the Build Your Own Cardboard kits are a perfect choice. As a mess-free activity that provides hours of free-form play, the kits are a big hit with parents and kids alike.


- Hours of imaginative play

- STEM-based construction activity

- Mess-free construction