Build Your Own Unicorn Cardboard Kit


Let your little ones explore the world of their imaginations with the Build Your Own Unicorn Kit. With a rainbow mane and stardust markings, any junior builder would be thrilled to put this kit together and start dreaming up a magical world with the unicorn as their companion.

The box comes with 28 pieces which simply have to be popped out and slotted together. One of the main reasons the Build Your Own Kits are such big hits with parents is that they do not need glue, and so are a fun and creative project for their children without the fuss and mess of typical crafting projects.  

Also included in the kit is a trinket box, where the additional cardboard grooming accessories, colourful gems and the miniature toadstool friend included in the set can be kept. All of these accessories mean that your child can take their constructed figure beyond the craft project and into free-form play. The construction design of the Unicorn even means that its head moves adding to the immersive play experience. Kids can even search for the secret hidden heart to make a wish!

As already mentioned, the sets are a big hit with parents for the mess-free construction, however, the Unicorn set is also 100% sustainable, includes zero-plastic and is fully recyclable. Also, the box has a unicorn picture on the inside perfect for colouring, adding yet another activity to the kits and reducing packaging waste in the process.

Ultimately, the Build Your Own Kits are a perfect and cost-effective play solutions for parents. Within each set, there are hours of free-form play potential which will keep your children entertained for hours. If you are looking for a new STEM-based activity to do with your little ones, then the Build Your Own Kits are a perfect choice.


  • STEM-Based activity
  • Hours of freeform play once construction is completed
  • Mess and glue-free construction
  • Affordable price point
  • 100% sustainably made and recyclable