CLCKR MagSafe Stand & Grip 
Since first encountering PopSockets, I have come across a variety of methods for holding one’s phone, from products that sought to mimic something similar to ones with an entirely different and sometimes far more functional design. The MagSafe Stand & Grip from CLCKR is such a product. This clever little accessory attaches to any MagSafe phone magnetically and provides both an extremely comfortable assist in holding it, and also doubles as a pop-out stand to lean your phone against. The best designs are the ones that seem simple once they exist, yet bring something new to the table, and are so functional that one wonders why they didn’t exist earlier. This is how I feel about the CLCKR MagSafe Stand & Grip. 

If you have a MagSafe compatible phone, this grip is brilliant: it won’t leave any marks on your phone case and is extremely easy to attach – there's no need for fuss. It also slides onto the hand extremely comfortably: my phone felt easily balanced in my hand, and I didn’t need to worry about letting go and dropping it, because it was basically strapped to me! I could even wave my hand around without any fear of my phone detaching or falling. 
When using the stand, as indicated by the company name, you do need to remember to click the stand in place in its new position, or the stand will pop back up and can’t support anything. However, with this simple click, your handy strap has turned into a stand that props your phone at an ideal angle. I found it a brilliant angle for reading, video calls, scrolling etc. This was all portrait and upright, but you can also use the same stand for a landscape view. I found that I had to be more careful about balance for landscape to work, but it did in the end and was brilliant for watching videos. 
My only criticism of this Grip & Stand is that you must of course remove it if you wish to use wireless charging or any other MagSafe products, such as putting your phone into a holder in the car. This is fair enough, but does mean you’ll have this product loose and on your person until you can reattach it. It’s an extremely minor inconvenience, however, and in my opinion, not enough to make it worth avoiding this useful product. 
The MagSafe Stand & Grip currently comes in either a standard black or a curious blue that uses two tones. I’m not a big fan of the blues used, and would like to see some more colour options eventually to reflect some more commonly sought colours when it comes to phones, such as white or metallic. However, the black is always a solid option. 
Attaches easily 
Folds down flat 
Clicks easily into stand position 
Holding phone is comfortable and secure 
Stand is at perfect portrait angle 
Landscape didn’t always balance perfectly 
Have to remove to charge phone etc 
Only two colours