Canyon Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Nothing makes it feel quite like Christmas than festive music, and with the Canyon Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, you can take your music with you on the go – whether that be playing some festive tunes whilst putting up the tree, taking it with you to family and friends houses for festive drinks, or even just for some fun background music whilst wrapping presents. The Canyon Portable speaker delivers powerful sound all in a small and almost pocket-sized device.

Upon opening the speaker I was surprised by how compact and lightweight it is. I quickly connected it to my phone via Bluetooth and could immediately start playing music. The sound quality for such a small device is exceptional and really stands up to many of the pricier portable speakers on the market – and arguably is more portable. Using Bluetooth I found you have roughly 10 metres of distance to move around the speaker before you run into disconnection issues, which isn’t a big issue unless you want to leave the speaker playing in a different room and take your phone with you.

The thin shape of the speaker is great for putting in your bag or pocket without it taking up much space. However, I love that it comes with an included portable handle which I could attach to the zip on my bag. I think the portability of the speaker is next level and would be great for attaching to your bag whilst walking or hiking for music on the go!

Another great aspect of the Canyon Portable Speaker is that you can insert a TF card to play your music, or even connect it to your favourite radio station. This makes listening to whatever you choose just that much easier, and all accessible straight through the speaker than relying only on a Bluetooth connection – great for if you don’t have a good signal to stream music. You can get 4 hours of playtime for each charge of the speaker, which isn’t super long especially when charging does take a while, however, the portability of the device and its ability to remain small seems worth it for a slightly smaller battery life. Also, if grey isn’t your favourite colour, it also comes in red and blue to best suit your style and preference which is a nice added touch.

Overall, the Canyon Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a great choice that is affordable, portable, and delivers great sound quality. This would make an excellent stocking filler for anyone to be able to play music whenever and wherever they want it. This is especially great for someone who loves travelling as its small size and lightweight nature is perfect for throwing in your bag and taking your music wherever you go.


  • Lightweight portable design
  • Top-quality audio output
  • Can connect to Bluetooth, TF cards or FM radio


  • Battery life isn’t super long so will need to be recharged more often which is a little less convenient