Chappie Golf Set


Trying to get that perfect hit can be a challenging feat for many players, especially as they step onto the golf green for the first time. However, the satisfaction when you do get that perfect swing can’t be matched. This feeling is something that Jim Hackenberg, creator of Chappie Golf, wanted to bring to every player with the creation of a uniquely balanced practice club. The club is designed to help you learn how to hit pure shots every time and provides a great club for short-distance games with friends.

I was intrigued hearing about Chappie Golf, as, whilst I’m not an avid golfer, I’ve played a round or two here and there over the years and I’ll admit I’m not great at getting a perfect shot. When first unboxing the golf club I was surprised by the club end, which is bright blue and much larger than the club heads I’ve seen before. The club is inspired by the bird-filled island of Chappaquiddick, where Hackenberg taught golf on Martha’s Vinyard. The blue bird shaped club head is equally weighted making it perfect for both left and right-handed users.

The bird shaped club head is centre-shafted and has been designed so that the underbelly of the bird glides across the ground as you strike the ball. This ensures you can get the perfect placement on the ball to make fades, draws and more so much simpler. After having a little hit around with the club, I did notice that it took a little practice to get the hang of how to glide it with each hit. However, after a while, I found the design really did help to control my hits whilst forcing me to practise club placement.  

Also included in the set with the club are a few ‘Yolks’ which are roughly the size of baseballs but are the same weight as a golf ball. The Yolks (fitting with the bird theme) are larger than a regular golf ball and are made from compressed foam making them great for achieving easier and high-spin hits – perfect for practising a whole range of shot types.  

One of the main perks of the club and Yolks is that they are not designed for distance hitting, this means that you can practice your hits in a much smaller area with more control. The short-range also makes them ideal for playing games with your friends at a short distance.  

If you are looking to practice your swing or want to introduce your family to your love of golf the Chappie Golf Set is the perfect place to start. The design and feel of the club are great for making short-distance hitting, putting and practising so much easier.


  • Fun design which helps players practice shots
  • Included Yolks are great for smaller games and practising spinning shots
  • Comes in three different club heights perfect for all


  • Does take a little while to get used to the feel of the club – but should help with developing your golfing skills over time!