Core Balance Fitness 2-in-1 Foam Roller


After a long gym session, you’re likely nursing some aching muscles and are in need of a thorough massage to help undo those knots and recover them ready for your next training day. For many of us, we turn to foam rollers for this, however, they are often only designed for a single area or only focus on the larger muscle groups. This means smaller tight muscles are being missed out and not getting the same level of recovery between sessions.

This is where the 2-in-1 Foam Roller by Core Balance Fitness comes in. The roller has been designed to target a range of muscle sizes for greater recovery across your body. Upon opening the roller, I was impressed by its sturdiness whilst remaining lightweight. The main part of the black roller is 33cm long and 15 cm thick, which has been designed to target larger muscles such as your thighs after a particularly long leg day. Inside the main roller is a smaller inner one which is 33cm long but is only 6cm thick and is perfect for rolling your arms after some heavy lifting.

After a good gym session lifting some heavy weights, my legs and arms were feeling particularly achy, so what better time to test out the roller than now? I started rolling my arms using the inner roller and was impressed with the massage it provided. I then moved onto the larger roller to relieve the aches in my thighs. The roller’s high-density EPP foam was great for pressing deep into my muscles and relieved a lot of the pressure. Whilst it did not remove all the aches across my body, it definitely helped to remove some of the tightness I was experiencing.

Therefore, the dual roller is a perfect all-round choice to relieve a whole range of muscle aches across both big and small muscle groups. I love that you can pop the smaller roller inside the main one for easy portability – perfect for throwing in your gym bag for post-training relief. If you are on the hunt for a recovery roller which works well across many of the body’s muscle groups, then the 2-in-1 Foam Roller is the perfect all-around choice for you.


  • Lightweight foam for easy portability
  • Dual roller design to target all areas of the body
  • Thick high density foam for deep massage