Core Balance Fitness Extra Large Exercise Mat


Ever doing your workouts or practising your yoga poses and keep stepping off your mat as it's just not big enough for any dynamic moves? Then the Core Balance Fitness’ Extra Large Exercise Mat is the perfect choice for you.

We got to test out the Extra Large Exercise Mat which is 10cm longer and almost double the width of a standard exercise mat at roughly 183cmX116cm in size. I personally find standard exercise mats are great for smaller movements, but when I’m doing burpees or mountain climbers my feet are always coming off the end and I’m accidentally hitting the floor instead. Therefore, I was super excited to get to try out the Extra Large Exercise Mat.

Straight away I was impressed with just how lightweight the mat is. You might think the larger size would come with added weight; however, the mat only weighs 1.2kg making it perfect for taking with you to the gym or a class without feeling like you’ve got a big weight on your arm already. The mat is made from 6mm of thick TPE Foam to provide the perfect amount of cushioning whilst remaining firm and thin to support your movements.

Using the mat I could do all my favourite floor-based workouts without fearing I was going to move off the edge. This was great during a yoga class as not only does the larger mat automatically give you more space next to other mats, but I was able to do more of the wide stance positions without my feet touching the floor. The mat did not move once thanks to the non-slip pattern which helps provide greater grip to the floor as well as to your hands and feet.  

If you are on the hunt for a new exercise mat which gives you way more space than a standard mat whilst maintaining a top-quality anti-slip design, then the Extra Large Exercise Mat is a perfect choice for you. The mat is lightweight, durable, and non-slip making every workout whether at home or in the gym just that little bit easier.


  • Lightweight design for easy carrying
  • Nonslip design ensures your mat stays in place and you don’t fall
  • Extra large size makes the mat perfect for wide stance or dynamic moves


  • The large size may reduce where you can put it in gyms as it does take up more space than a regular mat