Core Balance Fitness Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat


In a world of chaos, sometimes the only time we get to be completely alone without the influence of outside noise is through exercise. A key calming exercise is yoga which helps to make mindful movements and hold purposeful poses to help recentre yourself whilst developing your flexibility in the process. However, I think we’ve all felt the pain of kneeling on a thin foam mat that has little grip and more often than not is starting to wear away. This is where Core Balance Fitness’ range of equipment and accessories comes in with the Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat designed to help you keep your poses and support your yoga development in the process.

We got to try the Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat in a lovely purple shade. Upon opening, I was impressed with the size of the mat which is roughly 7cm wider than the regular Yoga Mats you may have borrowed from your gym. Laying out the mat the weight ensures that you have no rolling corners, so you always have a smooth, flat, and secure surface for all your moves. The mat is made from natural rubber to give a solid grip on your floor and is covered in a PU coating using CoreGrip™ technology to provide exceptional grip for your hands and feet on the mat too.

One of the main perks of the Alignment mat is that there are Asana Alignment lines on it which are designed to help you position your body correctly and perform your poses like a pro. The lines start from a centre core which is the main focus of your balancing, from here there are 45° lines, centre lines and reverse points to help you correctly position your hands and feet throughout every single yoga pose. I took this with me to a beginner yoga class and everyone was impressed with the lines to help you find the correct alignment – it had me feeling like an expert! The extra-large size at 183cmX68cm ensures you have more space to practice your poses and extra space if you start to topple - which is something I did a lot during the class. 

Even if you are a seasoned yogi, the mat still makes a great choice thanks to the non-slip and wider size perfect for finding your peace and practicing your balance at home. The 4mm thick rubber matt provides excellent cushioning to not hurt your knees whilst remaining stable and safe for even the most adventurous of yoga poses. If you’re new to yoga and want to make sure your poses are well aligned or you’re just looking for a good, heavy-duty but soft yoga mat then the Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat is an easy choice!


  • Nonslip weighty mat to help you to focus on the mindfulness of your activity instead of constantly fixing your mat
  • Alignment lines help you to always be in the perfect position for each pose
  • Thick and durable mat to protect your joints and avoid the mat from flaking


  • The mat is a little heavier than some cheaper yoga mats – but the weight and size ensure it stays flat and you have plenty of room