Dermadry Hands and Feet


The Dermadry Hands & Feet is a clinically proven iontophoresis machine that does wonders for those who suffer from excessive sweating on their hands and feet. This is a topic that for people who suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), is hardly something to shout about. However, this makes the Dermadry Hands and Feet even more important, as it can provide an easy and painless solution to an age-old problem.

The use of deodorant doesn’t quite cut it for preventing sweat on your hands and feet, so you are left with little option. Subsequently, the Dermadry Hands & Feet is great for tackling excess sweating without surgery or the use of prescription drugs. Furthermore, it is easy to use in the comfort of your own home, with minimal hassle. The treatment sessions take around 15-20 minutes, and each session provides you with the comfort of six weeks of dryness. However, it can take numerous attempts to have an effect, with 98.3% of patients seeing lasting results.

When you open the box, it looks really professional, sleek and medical. The kit is placed in a solid white box, that is very discreet. Inside, it has all the equipment you need, like treatment trays and electrodes. At first, it appears overtly medical and complicated, however, with a quick look at the provided manual, it is fairly straightforward. Admittedly, there is a lot of setting up to do, but considering that once it gets going all you must do is sit and relax with your feet in a tray, it seems worth it.

To use the Dermadry Hands & Feet, you set up the electrodes by plugging them into the adapter and device. Then place wet towels over the trays (seems weird but it works), then set the treatment going. Twenty minutes of simply sitting with your feet or hands in the tray, and you’re done! When you first use it and set the frequency, it does feel slightly strange. But after a few minutes, you get used to it, especially with the ability to decrease and increase the voltage if needed. For extra help, they have lots of videos on the website which give a step-by-step guide, making it a breeze.

You have to be at 13 years of age to use the Dermadry Hands & Feet. Furthermore, it is clinically tried and tested, and subsequently recommended by doctors. With any medical piece of kit such as this, there is a list of potential side effects, as well as list of medical conditions that shouldn’t use the device, so read the instructions carefully before use!

For an easy solution to a big problem that affects millions of people per year, Dermadry Hands & Feet is the best way to go. It’s tried and tested, non-invasive, and affordable. What’s not to love? 

The Dermadry is available to buy here.


- Non-invasive.

- Affordable.

- Used in the comfort of your own home.

- High satisfaction rating.


- Feeling can get a bit of getting used to.