Dermadry Total


Although the greatly hot weather is now over, the humidity in the Autumn and Winter months is still something to tackle, especially when you wrap up with lots of layers expecting it to be really cold. For people with hyperhidrosis, the worries of sweating are a regular occurrence, therefore any solutions to stop sweating are heavenly. Consequently, with the recent update of the Dermadry Total, its highly effective technology will help combat any issues that come with the condition.

Dermadry Total greatly promises a sweat-free life, so much so that it has a proven 98.3% success rate. This means that life can be ten times easier, particularly as you have near-guaranteed success. When trying out the Dermadry, it was really easy to set up. Although the main control box took a bit to get going, we got there in the end.

To treat the feet, you simply lay the electrodes and silicone mat in the tray, fill up the tray with water, plug everything in and set the controller to the convection you want. To treat the underarms, you place some soft pads that contain electrodes which are connected to the controller. There are incredibly soft and not uncomfortable at all. I particularly liked the fact you can control the voltage you want so that you can ease into it and then work up to level 8, taking some control over your treatment. At first, I was nervous that it would feel uncomfortable, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that although there were small levels of discomfort, it wasn’t unbearable. Furthermore, it was hardly an inconvenience, as I could simply use it whilst watching television at night or sitting at my desk at home.

The package itself is perfect as it comes with everything you need. This includes a case that is useful for keeping all the equipment together, as well as keeping it discreet. The treatment trays that it comes with are also specially designed for the treatment, all having markings to show you where to fill the water to. The silicone electrodes also included are also expertly made, as the conductive graphite silicone electrodes are perfect for non-aluminium treatment. This provides a much more comfortable experience and means that the Dermadry is long-lasting. Finally, the recent update of the Dermadry Total means that the machine itself is more efficient, and it is much quicker and clean as you no longer have to wait for cotton towels to dry. The pack also comes with a set of instructions so you can get to grips with setting everything up.

Overall, the Dermadry Total works very efficiently as an Iontophoresis machine, allowing for a comfortable experience and can be used to help millions of people.




- Package comes with everything you need.

- Arrives with a case so you can neatly keep everything together

- Ability to control the voltage.

- Silicone mats are efficient and easier to clean.

- Specially designed and industry-leading technology.


- Controller box took a while to understand.