Divoom Sling Bag Pixel Art LED Daypack


As a company founded on combining style with great function, Divoom has introduced a range of stylish bags and rucksacks which lets you add your own pixel artwork to your accessories. On the market today, so many bags are plain, poorly made and serve only to hold your items rather than allow you to express yourself fully through your accessories. However, with Divoom this is never the case!

The sling bag features a 4.7-inch LED screen on the front, which when connected to a portable charger and the Divoom App allows you to create your own pixel artwork which magically appears on the bag's LED screen. However, you don’t just have to design the pixel art you want on your bag, the app comes with multiple preset designs which you can choose from with a swift click. You can even include text on the pixel screen to truly make the design your own. Therefore, with the customizable front screen, the bag can represent your style in a new and high-tech way. When I tested out the bag, the app was easy to download and quickly connected to the bag, and in just a few minutes I was creating my own personal pixel art.  

Aside from the high-tech pixel art function, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the bag. The sling bag is divided into 3 sections; a front pocket with a USB cable to plug into your portable charger, a middle section which is much larger, and a back section made to keep your phone or wallet secure and close to your body. The middle section is a really good size and fitted everything I needed, with some hand sanitiser, my glasses case, tissues, a snack bar, my Kindle, and a small bag of makeup – however, it definitely could have fit much more! The strap has been carefully thought out to be adjustable and secure allowing you the choice of whether to wear over a shoulder, across your body or around your waist, to truly show your style just the way you like it. Even the hardware on the bag feels top quality, adding to the impressive feel of the bag.

Overall, this bag is nothing short of impressive! I wore mine to a concert and received endless compliments from people noticing the pixel art on the front. I think this would make a great gift for someone with a unique sense of style, a love of pixel art, or even someone who loves going to nightclubs and festivals as the bag provides a practical but fun way to carry all your essential items.


- Can show your personal style with customizable pixel art

- High-quality design and feel

- Functional to fit in everything you would need



- Requires downloading a further app

- Requires a portable charger to power the LED screen which is not included