Dometic Forte 180 Ore - Folding Camping Chair  


Dometic’s new Forte 180 Ore Folding Camping Chair is part of their brand new climate and comfort range. After taking it on a recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales I can definitively guarantee that it does not disappoint on both climate and comfort.   

As many mountaineers will know, a good camping chair after a hard day's hiking is an absolute must. I found that the Forte 180 Ore at the very basic level was incredibly comfortable, thanks to the padded seat and back rest. This means that I could really sink into the chair and get comfortable by the campfire, especially since the seat itself is very wide and spacious, almost like having an armchair out in the wild! 

If you know some Dometic’s other products, then this is no surprise, with a long and established history of providing the best quality camping products. Therefore, Dometic’s clear experience is shown through the small touches they have added: not only do they have padded seats, but the chair is very sturdy and robust. Additionally reliable is the foldable table that comes with it. I was skeptical of this at first because some can be quite flimsy or at an angle which defeats the purpose. The table on the Forte however was sturdy and completely flat, meaning that you could put your cuppa without the worry of it spilling. This is vital if you are perched on uneven ground and are in need of a rest.  

However, one thing to be aware of the fact that because of its robust nature it is very heavy. Therefore, I would say that if you are taking them in a boot of car or in the caravan then they would be perfect for you and the rest of the family, but may struggle on a long hike. Furthermore, despite the fact that it has very comfortable padded seats, the armrests only have a thin layer of padded across the bar which can be a bit uncomfortable after a while. As such, due to the price of the chair I would have hoped for some better armrests if you are to sit in it for a long time, but overall it is still comfortable.  

Ultimately, I enjoyed using the Forte 180 Ore as it was really comfortable, and although I wouldn’t recommend for really long walks, it still could be really good for any caravanning holidays.  

4/5 stars


  • Comfy seat and head rest  

  • Very robust and spacious  

  • Stable foldable table  


  • Slightly too heavy to carry on long walks  

  • A little bit overpriced.