Doro 6880


In a world where it seems a new snazzy smartphone is released every week, for elderly people who perhaps just need a phone to simply call their friends and family, it can be hard to navigate. Even as someone who enjoys having an iPhone, I find it hard to keep up with all the updates and mod-cons, which if I’m entirely honest, aren’t exactly necessary. Therefore, with the Doro 6820, it takes you back to a time when a mobile phone was simple, easy and clear. This makes it the perfect gift for elderly relatives! They can still enjoy all the good parts of a phone, like calling, texting, and 4G, without confusing apps and weekly software updates.

The Doro 6820 has a great and simple appearance. As a flip phone, it has a lovely-looking clamshell design, that is compact and easy to carry. Using a flip phone also means that the mobile is used primarily as a phone rather than a complex device, and for me, there was something quite refreshing about stepping away from overtly advanced technology. Therefore, it is clear to see how Doro has combined their ergonomic design expertise with clear and simple functionality. This is demonstrated by the large screen space, so the display is really clear. The screen also provides a great visual image considering that the screen was smaller than I am used to.

If you still struggle to see the screen, however, the text size can be adjusted so you don’t have to repeatedly squint at the screen or find your glasses to simply answer the phone. To this end, the Doro 6820 also has an external display that shows the time, notifications, and calls, without even having to open up the screen. The keys are also specifically designed to be simple to use, as they are large and widely spaced, with clear writing and symbols.  This makes it simple to see what you are typing, and there was something quite nice about using buttons to type rather than tapping away on a screen. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that (for a flip phone) it had a reasonable camera, that is really easily accessed via a simple button to the left of the main pad.

If you do have relatives that are hard of hearing, the Doro also offers HAC (hearing aid compatibility) and HD sound – making calls louder but also clearer. This is a great feature as it demonstrates particular forethought into what their audience may need. Even I struggle sometimes to understand what people are saying on the phone, therefore creating specialist features to combat this means that it makes using the phone so much easier for people who are perhaps deterred from getting a phone because of hearing problems. If this is the case, then the Doro 6820 is definitely the phone for them!

Perhaps my favourite feature is that the phone is compatible with cradle charge. This simply means that to charge the phone you place it in a holder and leave it to do its thing. This makes it way easier than faffing with wires and whatnot that are susceptible to breaking. 

For peace of mind, the phone also comes with the signature Doro Assistance button, located on the back of the phone. This allows senior users to easily alert pre-selected loved ones during an emergency.

As Doro is a company that specialises in technology for elders, the Doro 6820 is the perfect gift for any elderly relatives this Christmas! Looking at the website, there are also really helpful tips on how to use Doro products. Additionally, they also provide extra copies of the manual on the website. This is brilliant for anybody who needs a little extra help with their tech. (Honestly, I wish they did this for all mobiles) Therefore, Doro 6820 lets elders get the most out of their day, whilst keeping up with modern technology.

4.8/5 stars


- Easy to navigate and functional.

- Compatible with hearing aids.

- Compact and easy to carry.

- Great screen display.

- Adjustable text size.

- Good camera.

- Can use 4G.

- Cradle charge, easier than wires.

- Useful tips and instructions on the website.