Doro 8100


The Doro 8100 is the perfect combination of modernised smartphone technology and simple functionality. Therefore, if any of your elderly relatives are looking for a smartphone that allows them to keep up with the times, but is also easy to use, then this is the phone for them! In an effort to stay modern, my grandma received the latest Samsung. Although she was pleased at first, it quickly descended into confused chaos, as she had no idea what each app meant and how it all worked.

Unlike many other smartphones, the Doro 8100 is specially designed to meet the needs of the senior individual. Similar to many of its other phones, I found it had a functional but incredibly stylish design. This is primarily due to the fact that it is really simple to use. Akin to the majority of smartphones, the screen is organised via apps. However, the apps themselves have a really large and bold display which makes them really easy to navigate. This is one of the many features that are deliberately set up to help elderly people who perhaps struggle with sight, particularly since there is a label below each app. Again, I think this is a small but nice touch for people who perhaps may not be able to understand the symbols used on apps. The same can be said for the text that can be enlarged to make navigating the phone ten times easier. The easy usability of the Doro 8100 is further enhanced by Doro’s EVA System (‘Enkel, Vanlig och for Alla’) ‘Easy, friendly and for everyone’. This means that navigation on the smartphone is simple but effective for the user.

If there’s one thing I know my grandma loves, it’s photos of the family clan. Thankfully, the Dora 8100 has an excellent camera that is really good at catching every minute detail. Again, the camera is really easy to access. From this, it can definitely be said that the three in one camera are effective.

On the topic of friends and family, the Doro 8100 also has a Team Viewer, which allows others who aren’t with you to access and change the settings of the phone remotely. Although it seemed weird at first that someone could control the phone without touching it, it would be perfect for seniors who may need help with their phones. Again, this is a greatly thoughtful feature that you cannot find in many other smartphones.

This is also demonstrated by the Response by Doro, a GPS-enabled function that can be activated by the user when the Assistance button, located on the back of the phone, is pressed in an emergency. This allows senior users to easily alert pre-selected loved ones whilst simultaneously sharing their GPS location. This greatly helps keep family and loved ones’ minds at rest when they are away.

In a time of mobile phone branding that is constantly searching for the most high-tech stuff, it is often senior consumers that are left to the side-lines. However, with Doro 8100, elderly people are of the highest priority, using innovation not to confuse people, but making using smartphones ten times easier.


- Modern look of a smartphone but very functional.

- large and bold display of labelled apps.

- Text can be enlarged.

- EVA Interface.

- Brilliant camera.

- Team Viewer lets others help you with the phone.

- Response by Doro ensures peace of mind.

- Comes with clear and simple instructions.