EPOMAKER RT100 Tri-Mode Mechanical Keyboard


Bring some retro charm to your work or gaming set-up with EPOMAKER’s mechanical keyboards now in a retro finish. We got to try out the RT100 Tri-Mode Mechanical Keyboard in the retro white colourway which features a range of cream, grey and dark pink/purple-hued keys. However, despite its retro design, there is nothing old school about the keyboard in terms of technology. The keyboard brings you everything you could want from a modern keyboard with 98 keys and an adjustable multi-media knob designed for playing, pausing, or skipping music or video, and can also be used to create a personalised keyboard. The RT100 also has the option to add a mini display so you can have infographics such as the weather, time, and date directly on your keyboard via a little screen.

Upon opening, I was super impressed with the retro design and the quality feel of every component. The gasket of the keyboard was sturdy and fairly heavy compared to the lighter but cheaper quality keyboard I have been used to. You just need to connect the keyboard via Bluetooth to your device (compatible with Android and IOS) and you are ready to get going. The entire keyboard is angled well to support easy typing, and after using it for a week or so, I didn’t find it put any additional strain on my wrists. However, should you need to raise the angle of your keyboard more, the RT100 has feet to raise this – this is especially great if you use your keyboard a lot to help reduce the wrist, shoulder and neck pain that is often associated with long periods of computer use. Even the design of the feet has been thought out with silicone wrapping to keep your keyboard in place and further support your wrists while typing.

One of my personal favourite aspects of the keyboard is its reduced size. The keyboard is a little shorter in length than a standard keyboard making it perfect for saving space on a smaller desk or in a busy gaming set-up. Then, for all your keyboard enthusiasts out there, each key can be easily changed as each one is hot-swappable. This is thanks to the Class-A Kailh Sockets which support 5-pin hot-swapping to modify your keyboard for all of your needs. This modification then works great with the multi-media knob to make a customisable keyboard thanks to the inbuilt software that allows you to create macros, remap keys and change the keyboard backlighting with quick shortcuts to make your keyboard completely personalised to your needs.  

As I personally do not need to make many modifications to my keyboards for my job, the feel and ease of use are my top priority. The keys have a double sound absorption design which means I never feel like I have to force down the keys and as such the sound is remarkably quieter. If anything the click and clack of the keys is quite satisfying compared to my current one! The quality typing feel, customizability, and reliable connectivity are why the R100 has a slightly more luxe price point compared to the standard cheap keyboards you can get anywhere. However, having used the keyboard for a little while now I would say it is definitely worth the price.

If you are longing for the nostalgic days of early computers, but need the technology of today to support your modern lifestyle and computer’s needs then the EPOMAKER RT100 is a perfect choice for you. With upgrades and multi-media knobs to bring the retro design into 2024, the RT100 leads a new wave of retro-inspired tech which mashes the aesthetics of the past with the technology of the future.


  • Retro-inspired design
  • Customizable key, multimedia knob and backlighting
  • Heavy, compact, and high-quality design


The RT100 is EPOMAKER available from the official EPOMAKER website, Amazon or AliExpress.