Eco-Flow Solar (Black) Tap Adapter


Anything that says it will make kitchen chores a pleasure is something I have to put to the test! As a big hater of the post-dinner clean-up, having a tap which can do a lot of the work for you is always going to be a big win in my book!

Eco-Flow is focused on reducing your water usage by creating a tap adapter solution to make every drop count. The brothers behind the company grew up surrounded by rivers and lakes in Stour and Avon so when they took over the family company, they were set on a mission to make the most of these precious resources and cut down on water usage in homes across the country – saving families money in the process too!

When the Solar Tap Adapter came across my desk, it already looked smart in its chrome finish with black accents. I can see from the website that there is also a chrome and white version available, so you are sure to find one that suits your kitchen décor. In setting up the adapter, I was impressed by how easy it was. Inside the box, there are clear step-by-step instructions to help you easily add the tap adapter to your mixer tap at home. Thankfully the adapters are designed to work with any UK tap and include all the pieces you need In the box to make assembly simple. You also don’t need plumbing experience to set it up, it requires no tools and in just a few minutes you are ready to use your new tap. I found it was easy to attach to our office kitchen tap and I began to play around with the functions.

kitchen sink with tap adapter on tap that is spraying water into the sink

The Solar Tap Adapter has two primary functions. The first turns your tap water into an aerated flow which is perfect for washing your hands, topping up your drink or filling up the sink. Then with just a quick toggle of the adapter head by moving the collar you get a shower spray mode. This mode is perfect for rinsing leftover food from plates before handwashing or for gently rinsing produce ready for cooking. Having tested out the tap adapter in the office we were all impressed! You can easily flick between modes with one hand which is perfect for washing up post-lunch to rinse out your lunch box and then fill the sink for a proper clean. The aerated mode also makes filling up the kettle a breeze – something everyone in the office was thrilled by!

The 360° rotation is perfect for getting into the corners of tubs and ensuring a throughout clean. For a home kitchen, the shower setting would be great for rinsing salads and veggies thoroughly without damaging the delicate leaves. The two functions make the tap much more effective which in turn means you need to use a lot less water. According to Eco-Flow, the shower spray setting saves up to 18% of water, and the aerated flow setting saves up to 11.5% compared to a regular tap head. This means that not only are you saving water, which is better for the environment, but you will also be saving money on your water bills – a win-win if you ask me!

You may not have even considered a tap adapter, as I hadn’t really thought it would make much change to my life previously either. However, having tested out Eco-Flow’s Solar Tap Adapter I’m definitely a convert. If you’re looking to make the dreaded job of washing up just that little bit easier, and you want to save water and save money in the long run you should definitely give one a try.


  • Dual settings for all your tap needs
  • Chrome and black casing is stylish and clean-looking
  • Easy to set up and does not require tools
  • Saves you water and money in the long run