Edifier W820NB Plus Headphones


If noise cancellation, excellent audio quality and comfortable yet stylishly designed headphones are what you’re searching for – then look no further Edifier has you covered! The Edifier W820NB Wireless Noise Cancellation Over-Ear Headphones provide you with top-quality audio and efficient noise cancellation to ensure that every listening experience is memorable.

Inside the box, we have the headphones which are minimal and sleek in design. I got to test out the headphones in black and they were very understated, with only a small gold Edifier logo on the side of the headband. The feel of them was surprisingly lightweight but still sturdy enough to sit comfortably on the head. The lightweight design makes them comfortable to wear for extended lengths of time, unlike heavier headphones, however, they are not so lightweight that you fear they will not stand the test of time.

I was impressed by the headphone’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) as it really drowned out external environmental noise and focused your listening experience on the audio. This was even great during a call, as the W820NBs picked up on vocals and eliminated external and environmental noise. With ANC turned on the headphones have a battery life of 39 hours, and with ANC turned off up to 49 hours. I personally was a big fan of the ambient mode which is perfect for listening to your music whilst being aware of the world around you.

The headphones feature LDAC high-definition codecs technology which allows for a transmission of up to 990kbps, which ensures that high-bit-rate audio files are transmitted with greater protection to retain about three times more audio detail for a natural and full sound as nearly nothing is lost in transmission. Edifier leads the game with its audio design to ensure that its

sound quality is always top-notch. Furthermore, to explore more audio possibilities the headphones can be altered via the Edifier Connect app to adapt to individual demands like the power display, EQ adjustments, shutdown timer, prompt volume and soothing sound features. Additionally, the headphones feature a game mode which has a low latency of 0.08s for a seamless gaming experience with the sound and pictures highly synchronized.

Overall, Edifier guarantees the best sound with its 40mm titanium-coated composite diaphragm drivers which provide an excellent transient response to improve the resolution of high frequencies. The drivers, therefore, deliver improved sound quality that has a dynamic bass and a rich mid-treble. If you are looking for a pair of headphones that continues to deliver top-quality sound and provides an all-around excellent listening experience, then the Edifier E820NB Plus Headphones are an obvious choice.


- Lightweight and comfortable design

- Long battery life

- High-quality audio and ANC design


- Requires further app download to adjust headphones to specific requirements