Edifier WH500 Wireless On-Ear Headphones


The latest Edifier headphones are one for the books, as they provide comfort and great sound quality, acting as the perfect grab-and-go earphones for travel. As an audio company, Edifier is well-established in the world of headphones, so it was no surprise to find that the WH500 create a great set of wireless earphones, allowing you to escape the rest of the world and appreciate your carefully crafted playlist!

The headphones have an attractive appearance, with a sleek matte finish and streamlined design. Available in three separate colours, (black, white, and light blue) allowing the headphones to fit your particular style. In terms of sound quality, they have good bass control. In many headphones, the bass can begin to feel uncomfortable, subsequently affecting the sound quality. And yet, Edifier is one step ahead, as there is a specially designed 30mm dynamic driver. This provides a rich and full sound which is further complemented by a customisable EQ, via the accessible Edifier Connect App. Despite the good sound quality, however, the sound leakage is pretty substantial, which could get annoying for your fellow passenger or gym enthusiast.

Going back to the Edifier Connect App, it is a fantastic feature that opens up the headphones to have much greater capabilities, such as volume and tap control. This is a unique feature to have and allows the headphones to be catered to your preferences. (It does require authorisation of GPS, which many won’t want to do.) Furthermore, the earphones have buttons to be able to pause the music or adjust the volume, allowing for greater accessibility.

When I tested out the headphones, I used them simply to sit on the train and even took them to the gym. I can confirm that thanks to the soft padding of the earphones and the design, they were comfortable to wear for long periods of time on the train, and when I took a call, I found the microphone to pick up my voice really well, and my friend’s voice was crystal clear!  Even when I was on the treadmill at the gym, I was nervous that they would fall straight away, however, they remained stable and comfortable. They also blocked out the sounds from the rest of the gym, which kept me more focused and proved that environmental noise cancellation is a highly effective feature. I think this is primarily because they are lightweight, which is due to the thin plastic used, which does mean that they are not the sturdiest, but still good for taking out and about.

There is nothing worse than when you are listening to your favourite song and then suddenly it cuts off. Thankfully, the WH500 headphones have a long battery time, so with just ten minutes of charging time the headphones have six hours of playing time. This is highly efficient as you don’t have to keep worrying about it running out. An ingenious feature I also thought was really useful is the shutdown times: this effectively allows you to listen to your headphone as you fall asleep, as the headphones will turn off at a specified time so that you can remain in peaceful slumber.



- Great sound quality with deep bass.

- Sleek design and foldability.

- Available in 3 separate colours.

- Wireless lets you be handsfree.

- Edifier Connect App allows you to customise your headphone qualities.

- Comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

- Stay on your head despite vigorous movement.

- Great for calls with a great microphone.

- Extended battery life of 40 hours.  



- Don’t feel the most robust.

- Considerable sound leakage.