EmeTerm HeadaTerm


Migraines and severe headaches are an annoyance that plagues everybody at least once in their lifetime. Therefore, the fact that there are few solutions that don’t involve tablets is rather surprising. As someone who struggles to take migraine tablets, any non-invasive form of headache relief is a godsend. Thankfully, medical company WAT Medical have recently released HeadaTerm, which is said to quickly relieve headaches. The HeadaTerm is also marketed to be good for stress and insomnia, which, again, are critical things to overcome. Therefore, the idea that placing a small band on your forehead can alleviate such widespread issues is quite magnificent.

Upon first look, the HeadaTerm is great as it is small and lightweight. It works by placing the device on your forehead, sitting comfortably on the front without having to wrap it the entire way around your head. From there, the HeadaTerm uses non-invasive neuronal electrical stimulation technology to treat any headaches or insomnia. This means that the device is highly versatile as it can be worn anywhere, whether it be at home, in the office, on a dog walk, in bed, pretty much anywhere. Moreover, the fact that you don’t need tablets is a huge bonus, as it is great for people who are allergic to certain ingredients used in tablets, or find it difficult to swallow them. (Myself included in this…) I found that it was in fact comfortable to wear the HeadaTerm over long periods of time, thanks to the specialist ergonomic design. When I gave it to my friend who had one of her regular cluster headaches, she was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it worked! Some people may, however, feel self-conscious wearing a white band on their head. Although this is understandable, I would say that it is not only small but clinically proven to work as pain relief, therefore worth slight embarrassment.

The HeadaTerm comes with a hard case and cloth, so it can stay clean and maintained. It is also non-rechargeable and can be worn for 20 minutes per session, subsequently being easily disposed of. Therefore, once you have worn the HeadaTerm for a total of 7 hours, you must buy a replacement. Thankfully, the device can be purchased in packs. However, considering the cost of a single device, such a valuable solution may not be accessible to all. And yet, at the same time, it is more affordable than other non-invasive pain relief products on the market, as WAT Medical has positioned this generation of products as an experience version based on low-cost design. A new version of the HeadaTerm has been announced for release soon into the US market as an over-the-counter product, which has rechargeable batteries, enhanced conductive gel adhesion, and improved processing technology that does not require additional fixing straps.



- Highly effective pain relief for headaches, migraines, insomnia, and much more.

- Non-invasive.

- Small and lightweight.

- Comfortable to wear over long periods.

- Clinical recommendations and American research papers require 23% higher effectiveness than the standard



- Limited use so may need to purchase more.

- Not affordable for everybody, but cheaper than other options on the market.