Exogrip PS5 Controller Grip


Designed to take your gaming experience to the next level, the Exogrip provides an unrivalled grip on your gaming controller for all your gaming needs. The entire concept of the Exogrip is simple, yet so effective. The grips are added to your controller and can be moulded to perfectly fit the contours of your hand.

To mould the grips you just pop one into a mug of boiled water for a minute, being sure to keep the rings on the end of the grips for easy retrieval. Once 60 seconds have passed you take the grip out using the ring, shake off excess water and push onto the correct side of your controller. You then quickly grip that side of the controller as you usually would to create a mould of that hand. I found using my other hand to help press my fingers around the grip was useful to ensure a deep and secure mould. Once you’re happy with the mould, you run it under some cold water to set it in place. You then repeat this all on the other side, leaving you with a controller which has exceptional grip personalised to you!

Before and after of PS5 controller grips, the before is smooth and the after is moulded to fit your hand

When testing the Exogrip I was impressed with just how easy the process was and the resulting look of the grips adds a nice touch to your control. The grips I got to try out were grey with a little turquoise lining around the top and on the base. They made a nice addition to my usual PS5 controller, however, I do think there is an opportunity for more fun or matching-coloured grips to be added to Exogrip's current collection.

After putting the grips on I was thrilled with how much more control I felt I had over my controller, which is great for more intense games when I’m sometimes left with an aching hand from awkwardly holding the controller. I love that the grips can also be removed and added to another controller should you be gaming at a friend's house, or you change your controller often.

The Exogrip would make a brilliant gift for the gamer in your life, or even as a little treat to yourself if you love gaming. They’re such a creative gift that only makes gaming more comfortable and personalised to the individual.  And at such an affordable price, these are a must-buy this festive season.  


  • Personalised grip moulding
  • Easy to use and mould
  • Affordable price


  • Could have a wider variety of colour options for even greater customizability of your controller