FORM Smart Swim Goggles


FORM has taken swimming goggles to the next level, with the implementation of augmented reality and advanced learning algorithms which help you improve your real-time metrics whether you’re in the pool or out in open water. These are not regular swimming goggles, instead, they’re your training partner and coach ready to give you real-time feedback to help you achieve the results you want.

Straight out of the box, the FORM Smart Swim goggles are immediately more high-tech than any goggles I’ve ever seen – I’ve never had goggles which needed a charging cord before! The FORM Smart Swim Goggles are lightweight, in all black with an attachment on the right eye side which monitors your swimming. They’re made of leak-free silicone and come with a range of nose bridges ranging from extra small to extra-large which allow you to find your perfect fit and seal for a better swimming experience. The goggle lenses have an anti-fog protective layer inside them, so you never have to worry about them fogging up whilst swimming. However, you must be super careful to not damage this coating whilst using them to ensure they keep their anti-fog qualities. Inside the box is a ventilated black carry case perfect for keeping your goggles safe and protected in your gym bag between swims. In terms of the physical goggles, they feel great and fit great which provides a great base for the role that the goggles play in your training.

The main role of the Smart Swim goggles is to provide you with real-time data straight onto the goggle lens for you to see whilst you’re in the water. The goggles use powerful sensors to track your swimming and monitor how you continue to progress. They are designed with a focus on helping you to improve your performance whether you’re training for a triathlon, or even just trying to improve your own swimming stamina. To activate and make the most of your goggles you need to use the FORM Swim App. The app is well laid out and provides you with a clear analysis of your distance, time, pace, stroke rate, calories, and heart rate (but this requires an additional heart rate monitor). Through the app, you can choose what data is shown on the goggle lens whilst you swim. This real-time data is designed to help you continually improve in the moment, rather than relying only on feedback on things such as pace and stroke rate after the swim.

However, a big part of the goggles’ role in helping you improve is mainly accessed through a premium subscription. The premium subscription includes HeadCoach™ which works to analyse your swim and then provides feedback on areas of improvement through a scoring system. It will identify areas/skills which need development and show you how to improve. These skills can then be monitored during your future swims, where you can get real-time feedback directly into your goggles. The coaching system, when paired with the comprehensive in-app analysis and range of educational resources on the app provides you with an all-round training experience.

Phone screen showing a range of statistics next to the FORM Smart Goggles showing the data on their lens

In addition, the premium subscription also gives you access to over 15,000 workouts and more than 45 training plans covering a variety of tri-distances and techniques areas. Whilst without a premium subscription you still have access to real-time metrics and post-swim analysis, I do think if you are investing in the goggles already because you are serious about training and improving your swimming, then the subscription seems worth it. Thankfully, whether you get the FORM Smart Swim goggles for yourself or as a gift for a loved one this Christmas, they come with a 1-year free trial of premium features so you can spend a year testing these out for your training needs. When the free trial ends after a year, the subscription costs £13 a month - but you can cancel this at any time. However, if you’re serious about your swim training this seems fairly affordable.

Having tested out the FORM Smart Swim goggles I’m impressed! Whilst I’m not personally training for any triathlon, the data that the goggles provide straight onto your screen is such a great idea. I found the metrics provided were a great motivation to keep going or to change up my technique. The ability to get this real-time feedback whilst in the water is what makes these goggles so special.

So are the FORM Smart Swim goggles worth the price? If you are looking for a more accurate way to track your swimming and want a tool to really enhance your training in the water, then yes absolutely! They provide such a great partner for your training or stamina building with unrivalled real-time data as the only goggles with an augmented reality display. However, if you aren’t looking for a more in-depth analysis of your swimming, then at this price point they might not be worth it as they are truly designed for training. But, if you’re willing and dedicated to revolutionising the way you swim and train, then the FORM Smart Swim goggles are a great choice!


  • Only goggles with an augmented reality display
  • Secure fit and no leak silicone design
  • Comes with 1 year free trial of premium membership on the FORM App
  • Real-time data metrics are given straight in the goggle lens 
  • 16hour battery life


  • Expensive price point – but is designed for those who want real-time feedback and an all-encompassing training experience
  • Requires additional downloading of the FORM app to use the goggles and access the 1year free premium membership
  • After the free trial, premium membership is £13 per month – a continued additional cost to the goggles