Foreo LUNA 4 Smart Facial Cleansing and Firming Massage Device and Micro-foam Cleanser

LUNA 4: £269.00

Cleanser: £39.90

Nowadays, everyone is searching for the ‘no make-up’ make-up look. And as any make-up tutorial or social media influencer will tell you, the key to the ‘clean make-up’ aesthetic is a spotless skincare routine. So much so, that skincare has taken off, with many dedicating more time to prepping their skin. Currently, a skincare device which is really taking off is the Foreo LUNA 4, which acts as a massage device and a cleansing brush, providing the ultimate combo.

The LUNA 4 uses a low-frequency massage, making the perfect start to your skincare routine by stimulating blood flow to the skin. The brand-new generation of LUNA is specially designed for sensitive skin. As someone who has to be very selective with the products I use on my face, I found that the LUNA 4 did not bring a rash or itch, due to the soft silicone bristles that are smooth and aptly comforting, which left my skin feeling firm and fresh. This is thanks to the T-sonic pulsations that are unique to Foreo products. Whether you want a smooth massage in the evening, or a deep pore scrub, the LUNA 4 has three different cleansing modes: Gentle, Regular and Deep. The first mode is really nice to press across the cheek, as it is a warm cozy feeling (and slightly tickles). The deep mode really works into your skin, leaving a deep tingling feeling, and lets you know that your face has been thoroughly cleansed with your pores left clear for the rest of your skincare routine.

The LUNA 4 is activated and controlled via the Foreo For You App. This app is ideal for personalising your own LUNA 4 as it lets you set cleansing preferences and a firming massage routine, such as the pulsation intensity and the duration of the massage. This lets you get straight on with your skincare routine rather than messing around with the settings every time you use it.  I found the app to be really easy to use, with a nice design and great features, like letting you choose one of their pre-set massages that advise you how to get the most relaxation out of your LUNA. Additionally, you can also connect other Foreo devices, so that everything stays coordinated and in the right place. The LUNA 4 also charges a USB-C that plugs into the back. The only problem is that the charger cannot fit into the two-pin shaver socket that is usually found in bathrooms, so you have to look elsewhere in the house.

Foreo also has plenty of other products such as cleansers and serums that lets the LUNA reach its full potential. When testing out the Micro-Foam Cleanser. This is really smooth feeling on your skin and goes deep into the pores that are activated by the pulsations. This makes it a valuable counterpart as a creamy and fragrant cleanser.

Overall, give your skin the cleaning routine that it deserves, through a soothing massage and cleanse that cannot be reached simply by rubbing cream in your skin. Plus, with a variety of pastel colours, the LUNA 4 elevates your skincare to a new level.


- Due usage as a facial massager and cleaning brush.

- Effectively cleans the skin, getting deep into the pores.

- Provides a soothing massage.

- Suitable for sensitive skin

- Three modes of cleansing.

- Soft silicone bristles.

- Foreo For You App is easy to use and lets you personalise.

- Micro-foam cleanser creates a smooth and feels great with the LUNA.


- Needs a usb socket to charge which usually cannot be found in the bathroom.