Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves

RRP £279.99

As the winter months are well and truly upon us, you can feel the cold when travelling on the bike. My hands are the first body part to feel the icy temperatures and cold hands slow my reaction times down, not a good look.  As such, I was eager to try the Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves and put them to the test!

As far as motorcycle gloves go, the Heat X Kevlar Gloves look great, feel well made and are comfortable.  Even without the heat turned on they are warm. Like many motor gloves, the Kevlar Gloves have D30 Knuckle Shields, providing armour protection for your hands. What makes them stand out from other winter gloves, however, is the fact that they provide heating to both the front and the back of the hands. Usually, on very cold days, heated grips can provide sufficient warmth to the palms, but leave the back of the hands out to battle the elements, making your hands cold and stiff anyway. This is not the case with the Heat X Kevlar Gloves, as they provide heat across the whole hand, ensuring optimum warmth. This is also aided by the fact they are waterproof, keeping your hands toasty and dry.

The gloves have three heat modes so you can ensure that your hands don’t overheat whilst on the bike.  Furthermore, the heat mode of the gloves is controlled by a single button, allowing you to control the gloves easily and safely whilst riding. This is great as it stops your hands from overheating and becoming uncomfortable, particularly if you are wearing the gloves for a long period of time. Another bonus is the fact that the gloves offer autoregulation which means that they use a temperature sensor that allows you to regulate the temperature to a level of your choice, according to the settings that you can set out in the MyFury Connect App. The use of the App is optimised by the fact the gloves can be used on touchscreen devices. You can control the heat in your gloves to the exact way you want it, ensuring the most comfortable ride out possible!

Overall, the Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves are brilliant for winter trips as they provide effective warmth that is adjustable and easily controlled, keeping your hands cosy and warm throughout Christmas and beyond.  These would make any biker an amazing Xmas present, love them.

5/5 stars.


- Waterproof

- Heating is available at both the front and the back of the hands.

- Offers three different heat modes.

- Heat modes are controlled by a single button, allowing easier accessibility.

- Auto-regulation of heat.

- MyFury Connect App for even greater control.  

- Can be used on touchscreen devices.

- D30 Knuckle Shields.