As we begin to see the hopeful rays of spring upon us, the need for new and breathable gloves while travelling on your bike is an essential. Boasting the same focus on safety seen in previous more heavy-duty winter glove models, Furygan brings the Jet D30 Textile gloves into the summer months. The gloves are constructed with the breathability we desperately need, whilst still being functional and soft, making them a must have for this time of year.

From first trying on the gloves, we are met with Furygan’s usual soft design, this time in a textile material made to withstand the resistance and abrasion caused by daily use which is reinforced with their signature leather palm. The design of the gloves are monochromatic, with the Furygan logo subtly included on the index finger and cuff. What makes the design of the Jet D30 textile gloves stand out from other summer designed gloves, is the breathable stretchy material between the fingers and a slightly shorter length in the cuff. This material allows for great air flow to keep hands cool whilst still protected using their signature D30 metacarpal protection. I found the allowance for air circulation made for a much more enjoyable ride, rather than my hands slowly getting overheated in the sun. The gloves, whilst lightweight and sleek, still focus on safety with the use of D30 protection which absorbs kinetic energy on impact. Therefore, I was impressed by the gloves overall focus on comfortability without sacrificing safety as a crucial feature in its design. 

For me perhaps the best part of the gloves is the inclusion of Furygan’s Sensitive Scientific Insert, which was specifically developed to allow touchscreen use whilst the gloves are on. This saved me so much time when I’d usually have to take my gloves off to press my GPS or smartphone screen. This little change had a great impact on me and continues to be one of my favourite additions to the Furygan glove ranges.

Overall, Furygan have again shown how their passion for biker safety and style has been successful in the creation of the Jet D30 Textile Gloves. Furygan continue to be a leading brand in the way of biker protective clothing, and their gloves just keep getting better and more creative. The gloves make a perfect accompaniment for spring and summer rides as the weather heats up. I believe these would make a great gift for any biker in your life, or even a gift for yourself!



  • Breathable design suitable for summer months
  • Furygan’s D30 Protection
  • Touchscreen Sensitive Science in the fingertips
  • Soft and lightweight feel


  • Not as waterproof as previous designs