Furygan Veste Voyager 3C & Pant Discovery

Veste Voyager 3C: £399.99

Pant Discovery: £289.99

Furygan is a well-established motorcycle wear company that has been involved in biker safety and accessories since 1969. Product launches are highly anticipated in the motorcycling world and as a collective, the Veste Voyager 3C and Pant Discovery are no exception, as the ensemble is comfortable, looks great, has free movement and very good weather protection.     

This suit is very comfortable to wear on the bike, both the jacket and the trousers allow for a wide range of movement whilst ensuring high protection. For example, the Discovery trousers have stretch material between the legs and above the knees, so that the suit remains comfortable. Additionally, you can find various adjustments on both to ensure they fit well and are comfortable throughout your journey.

The Furygan bike suit boasts strong armour across the entire suit. Both the jacket and trousers have D30 armour on the shoulder and elbow, as well as knee and hip protection in the trousers, that give the best protection in case of a fall. Alongside the armour, another vital aspect is warmth. Thankfully, both the jacket and trousers have a removable thermal liner that covers the entirety of the body. The fact that it is removable demonstrates forethought as the jacket can become lighter for the warmer months. The Voyager jacket also has a neoprene insert at the neck, which means that alongside your helmet, you can stay insulated, reducing the impact of the cold wind and rain creeping in.

One drawback of riding a motorbike is that you can be limited in the amount you can carry. Furygan provide a solution to this by providing a total of 14 pockets. The jacket possesses six outer pockets and four internal pockets. Similarly, the trousers have four outside pockets. This is perfect for carrying necessities like your keys and wallet and providing extra storage space.

The Voyager Jacket also has a connecting zip so that it can join efficiently with the trousers as one suit. The zip is helpfully delivered as complete so that it can be sewn onto non-compatible products. This allows for limitless use of the jacket as you are not limited by the connected clothing. The trousers also have a great inclusion of built-in braces and anyone who wears a two-piece motorbike suit will know that the trousers tend to slide down, an annoyance which can be avoided with the braces feature.

The Furygan combo of the Veste Voyager 3C and Discovery Pants are brilliant for any riders however I see them lending themselves mainly to the adventure and touring bike riders, ensuring comfort and safety above all else.

5/5 stars.


- Comfortable and warm.

- Allows for a wide range of movement.

- Armour across the suit.

- Removable thermal liner.

- Reflective patches for safety.  

- Ample pockets for storage.

- Connecting provides more use.

- Built-in braces in trousers.