Gibsons Pass the Bomb – The Big One


Despite its simple premise, I have always found Pass the Bomb to be an exhilarating game. Under the pressure of the ticking bomb, the simplest of verbal tasks become intense challenges. Within its latest generation, Gibson Games has taken this old classic and given it a brand-new twist. This would make the perfect gift to play with all the family as you let the Christmas feast settle.

In Pass the Bomb-The Big One, you have to no longer just simply think of a word, instead, under the frantic tik of the bomb you have a range of five tasks to complete, including rhyme artist, word acrobat, category captain, puzzle pro, and a brand new element; bounce boss. This includes trying to throw a ball into the cup before the bomb detonates. This is an extra fun feature as it switches it up from the more wordy challenges, and I personally found it to be the hardest out of all the tasks, further adding to the exciting chaos. Because of this, people become even more frantic and exhilarated, adding to the fun-filled chaos of the game. Due to its more complex challenges, it also means that it can be brought for the young ones as it helps develop their literacy, as well as giving the parents a refreshing challenge. This means that it is great fun for all the family, bringing everyone together over the festive season.

A further improvement from the original version of Pass the Bomb, is the bright and colourful packaging that adds more character to the game. This makes the game much more appealing than the drab colours that it once had. Additionally, a huge plus is the fact that this game actually has a board to go with it, so that you each have a counter and keep a track of where you are. (Something which its predecessor never had). I found that this made the game even more fun as me and my friends raced around the board.

Overall, Pass the Bomb – The Big One is great fun for all the family, as the bomb keeps you on your toes for hours as you frantically try and complete all the challenges. It brings a colourful and exciting twist to an old classic, with fantastic new features. Thus, with this chaos-filled fun boardgame, boxing day will no longer be a flicking through the TV channels but spending time playing with friends and family.

4.9/ 5 stars


- Colourful and fun filled design.

- New and innovative that are not completely word based.

- Can be used by all ages.

- Includes a board, counters and dice.