Gruffalo Paint Your Own Bird House


As a child, Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo was one of my favourite books, and has been one of the most popular children’s stories since its release in 1999. Hence why I was thrilled to find out that I could combine my love of the book with a creative flare, which would also be great for the wildlife in my garden!!

Firstly, when looking at the product I loved the fact that the magical characterisation and illustration from the book are kept alive through the outlines on the bird house. The fact that the outline is already provided makes it really easy and even more enjoyable to paint, as you are bringing the story alive. On the roof of the bird house are also some well-known phrases and characters from the book, combining the well-loved narrative of the book with a wholesome bird box product. This makes it a perfect addition to the Gruffalo franchise.

The birdbox itself stands 21cm tall and 20 cm wide, which means that is large and sturdy enough to guarantee wildlife in your garden. The size, and the illustrations on top, were also big enough to make sure that the painting wasn’t too fiddly and enjoyable, making it a surprisingly therapeutic activity. When I placed it in my own garden I loved seeing birds making a home in a home that I had decorated, adding a lovely touch to my outdoor space. It will also encourage children to get involved in the garden’s wildlife and well as getting their creative juices flowing.

The kit comes with six small pots of paint that match the colour scheme of the book, but also let you go on your own creative path. It also comes with a paintbrush. Personally, for me I found the brush to not paint it as smoothly as I wanted, so I would recommend using your own brush if you have one. The paint, however, was of great quality, and there was more than enough for me to paint the entire box.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this as gift for not only your children but anyone who enjoys the Gruffalo, as it was a very therapeutic and peaceful activity amongst my busy work schedule, and best of all, got me involved in the local wildlife and igniting my inner child.

4.9 / 5 stars



- Illustration in keeping with the book.

- Easy outline to follow.

- Wooden bird house is large and sturdy. 

- Good amount of paint provided.

- Encouraging wildlife in the garden

- Gets the kids outside.

- Very therapeutic!


- Paintbrush provided isn’t great.