HumanCharger Bright Light Headset


If you’ve ever been jet lagged, you know the desperate feeling of trying to stay awake whilst combatting the complete fatigue and exhaustion that can come with changing time zones. This is especially awful when it derails the first day of your holiday as you try to overcome the tiredness and brain fog. Therefore, in finding an effective solution to make the transition between time zones easier, the HumanCharger might just be the solution for you!

The HumanCharger is a bright light device which is intended to help improve winter moods, especially those related to seasonal blues, and the effects of jet lag. So how does it work? The device looks like earphones which are connected to a firm but flexible neck bar. You just pop the earbuds into your ears and press the on button on the neck bar to turn it on. Each earbud emits light directly into your ears to give you all the positive effects of natural sunlight to refresh and recharge you when you need it most. Each light therapy session lasts 12 minutes and is designed to ‘charge’ you up.

The HumanCharger feel exactly like wearing earphones and the neck bar feels comfortable and lightweight. It does take a little getting used to as normally I’d expect music when I have earphones in, but after a while you forget they’re in – and the whole treatment only takes 12 minutes, so it is super quick, convenient, and easy to use.

With the dark winter days dragging here in the UK, there was no better time to test out the HumanCharger. I used the HumanCharger every morning for a week and felt a little less tired, and a little more energized. Whilst I don’t know if I can attribute all of the positive effects to the HumanCharger or simply from sleeping a little better, I had a good week feeling less fatigued either way. However, there are thousands of reviews on the HumanCharger website which rave about its effectiveness, so I think it definitely has great technology behind it which has worked for many people across the globe. If you’ve found medication or other therapies are not effective for seasonal blues or to combat the effects of jet lag, then the HumanCharger just might be the solution for you!


  • Non-medication option to help combat seasonal blues and jet lag
  • Rechargeable with 10 sessions per charge
  • Small and easy to travel with (includes a travel bag)


  • I can’t say for certain whether the HumanCharger definitely has had significant effects on my energy levels or mood on winter days - However I don’t typically suffer with many affects from seasonal changes, but I will be sure to test it again the next time I go travelling!