Humanscale Nova LED Task Light with Wireless Charging Desktop Base


As many of us now work from home, the need for a seamless home set-up which allows us to work more efficiently and productively is so important. This is where the Nova LED Task Light comes in as Humanscale has developed a light using advanced LED technology which delivers a powerful light output and is completely adjustable to suit your home desk configuration. This versatile light combines industry-leading technology with sleek designs which is exactly why we love everything Humanscale has to offer.

We got to test out the Nova Task Light which has been upgraded and now how a wireless charging desktop base perfect for charging your devices while you work. The lamp arrived and I was surprised by how weighty the base was. The base, like the lamp light and arm, is white and has a smooth soft-touch finish. The lamp was straightforward to put together and looked sleek on my desk. The base is super sturdy which helps to balance the arm so you can easily move the arm height to suit your screen size and angle needs without it becoming unstable.

To use the lamp you simply have to tap the touchpad which will turn it on, and then you can slide your finger across the touchpad to change the brightness setting. The smart technology of the lamp will remember the brightness setting for its next use. The light is perfect for illuminating your space and was a game changer when it came to video calls whilst working from home. My set-up made my camera picture look almost filtered and professional – a big change from the poorly lit calls I’d had before!

One of my favourite aspects of the Nova Light is that it has an optional occupancy sensor so when you are within roughly a metre of the light it will automatically turn on. This is a game changer in those early dark winter mornings when your hands are full of your morning coffee and breakfast, so as you approach your desk the light will turn on for you without you having to do a thing. This feature highlights how every aspect of the Nova Task Light has been taken into consideration by Humanscale to make your life easier through their human-focused designs.

If you or someone in your life works from home every day, then the Humanscale Nova LED Task Light is a great special treat of a gift which will change up your desk set-up and make working from home just that bit easier. The light is designed to be functional for you; with its wireless charging station perfect for popping your phone on while you work, its sturdy height adjustability and sleek look, the lamp truly is the best gift you could get anyone – and especially for yourself.

As a little added bonus – Humanscale have a holiday promotion currently running with 20% off the Nova Task Light until 31st Dec!


  • Sleek look and soft touch feel
  • Wireless charging pad for convenience
  • Sturdy base and arm for adjustment, with forever hinges for longevity


  • The lamp is at a much higher price point than others on the market, but with Humanscale, you are paying for top-quality designs that are made to work for you. (However, Humanscale does offer a standard base option at a much cheaper price of £568 if this is more favourable to your budget!)