IPEVO TOTEM 360 Immersive Conference Camera and Speakerphone


Meetings and conferences can cause enough stress without the dreaded technical issues of trying to sync cameras, microphones, and speakers so that everyone can be seen and heard. However, with the IPEVO TOTEM 360 Immersive Conference Camera and Speakerphone, you will never again have to wrestle with all of these separate components and can instead opt for the immersive and all-in-one unit that IPEVO has created to transform your meetings.

The IPEVO TOTEM 360 provides 4 omnidirectional microphones, an all-around speaker and a 360° camera to make conference calls feel as though you are sitting in the same meeting room with the person at the other end of the call. To do this, the IPEVO TOTEM 360 uses AI-auto framing and tracking technology, as well as AI noise-reduction technology to ensure that whoever is speaking is clear in both sound and image quality. The camera can even zoom in on who is speaking so everyone across the conference meeting can see them.

Opening the box, you see the IPEVO TOEM 360 with an all-black cone-shaped design with a multi-point camera at the top. The unit has a red base and a range of different coloured buttons on the sides, designed to help you seamlessly flick through the different modes of the device. To get started you simply plug in the device to your laptop or computer, and it is ready to use as a microphone, camera, and speaker hybrid compatible with most video conferencing platforms.

I tested the conference camera and speakerphone out for a big meeting with a client, which required 6 people from across my team to attend. We set up the IPEVO TOTEM 360 in the middle of a round desk and had a quick test out of the camera settings to see if we would all fit in. The 360° camera meant that half the team appeared in one image and the rest in another making everyone clear and not distorted. We’d had issues in the past where 360° cameras seemed to distort the image to present a complete view in a single frame, which reduced picture quality and made it much harder to see who was speaking. We were collectively very impressed, and the clients even noted just how great the sound and image quality were even with having so many people on the call.

Whilst the camera cannot make up for poor WiFi quality, which sadly does play a role in disrupting calls, the IPEVO TOTEM 360 couldn’t be faulted for its camera, microphone, and speaker quality. I found the device was easily detected by Teams and made the whole process of conference calling so much easier. I think the IPEVO TOTEM 360 would also be great for online lectures, to allow for lecturers to move about whilst discussing topics and showing graphics. The variety of uses for the IPEVO TOTEM 360 across classes and conference calls is made possible with the 4 modes including conferencing, surround, hybrid learning and presentation modes – all of which are available using the buttons on the unit.

Overall, the IPEVO TOTEM 360 is designed to make conference calls so much easier with its integrated microphone, camera, and speaker. This integration allows every person in the call or lesson to feel as though they are in the room with the speaker, thanks to the clarity of sound and image. Therefore, the IPEVO TOTEM 360 is a vital addition to any office setup to transform any conference room into a hybrid conferencing space where everyone is involved.


  • All-in-one conferencing unit which seamlessly integrates a 360° camera, omnidirectional microphones, and a speaker to make conference calls a breeze
  • Professional and sleek look for conference rooms
  • AI technology and 4 modes to ensure every person is seen and heard well


  • Cannot accommodate for poor internet access/WiFi quality which could result in a lower quality image – but this is something no conference camera or speakerphone can combat when using WiFi