JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit


Do you dream of becoming an influencer? Or just want to capture some high-quality video content on your phone? The JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit has you covered! Created with influencers and mobile content creators in mind, the vlogging kit comes with everything you might need to start your journey into content creation.

Upon opening the box, we have the mobile rig, suitable for a variety of phone sizes to stabilize your phone camera and provide seamless recording quality, without the usual hard task of finding the perfect spot to prop up your phone. The mobile rig fixes securely onto the GripTight Pro 2 tripod, which supports both vertical and landscape filming whilst providing a steady base that can stand alone or be wrapped around things. It can even be held for more stable vlogging on the move. The box also contains a Beamo Mini LED which is Bluetooth controllable to light your shot, and a Wavo Mobile Microphone to enhance your phone’s audio quality. The vlogging kit felt sturdy whilst still being lightweight, making it easy to move about and even hold up for recording whilst walking.

The vlogging kit is compatible with both mobile phones and cameras including a USB-C and 3.5mm jack cable in the box. I was thrilled to find an Apple MFI lightning connector cable in the box, which is so often missing in products like this, as often cables are not compatible with newer iPhones. I found the entire set-up worked perfectly with my phone and allowed me to record some high-quality content with good lighting, better audio and a more professional look. On the day I tested out the vlogging kit, it was a fairly bright day, and I could have removed the light and moved around the set-up to just feature the microphone. Therefore, I was impressed by how each component fit together whilst still allowing for my own customisation.

Overall, I was impressed by the quality of the GorillaPod Vlogging Kit, it was lightweight and provided a good introduction to the world of content creation. Whilst I am not a content creator, the set-up was fairly straightforward making it a great step up from simply recording on your phone. The kit allows you to improve the quality of your content at home and on the go and provides you with a more affordable vlogging setup before committing to a significantly more expensive camera rig.


- Light Weight

- Apple MFI Lightning Cable included

- Sturdy Tripod


- Not very compact

- Can be fiddly to move around for customisation