JR Ultra 8000 S3 
RRP £494.99 
With spring finally heating up and summer feeling just around the corner, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time to test the JR (Juicy Retreats) Ultra 8000 S3 juicer.  In the winter, I’m terrible at remembering to be healthy, but as soon as the sun comes out, I want fruit juice, healthy smoothie blends and to get outside! The JR Ultra 8000 S3 can help me with two of those – the third one is still up to me and my lazy bones. 
The 4th generation of whole slow juicers from Juicy Retreats, the Ultra 8000 S3 has a name that isn’t messing around. It clearly treats juicing as a serious business, so we took a closer look at how. 
The stand-out feature on this juicer is its DuoDrive – a feature that currently only exists in this model! In essence, this new design has changed the internal gubbins of the juicer so that it creates a smoother, purer juice with less pulp, whilst at the same time avoiding clogging and being easy to clean. One would expect a juicer to either be capable of one or the other of these, not both: either pulp makes it into your drink, or else it gets caught by the grate and therefore clogs up, right? In this case, wrong. 
How? Basically, the DuoDrive has a larger auger allowing it to hold more pulp than other designs. Then, this larger auger means clogging is less of a problem, because the pulp has further to go, and less clogging means easier cleaning. 
Not only does the Ultra 8000 S3 catch pulp better and thus produce a smoother juice, but it also juices more efficiently – its rotation is slower than previous models, which, when combined with a reduction of pulp slipping through the cracks, means you can squeeze more juice from your fruit. This ultimately makes juice cheaper to produce, whilst a bigger than normal feed chute means you can stuff more fruit in there in one batch. There should be nothing standing between you and your healthy morning juice! 
However, smooth juice might not be all you want, and the JR Ultra 8000 S3 comes prepared for this. In total, the juicer comes with three different strainers, depending on what you’re looking to make. One is for smooth juice, one is for thick juice and the third – especially fun with summer coming up – is for sorbet. 
Overall, we were really impressed with this machine. As advertised, it was extremely easy to clean – the parts come out without issue, and as promised, there was a lack of clogging, which made all the captured pulp was far easier to get rid of (I’d rather have it all in one place then gunking up the entire machine!). 
What’s more, its output was delicious, and that’s the most important thing in our book. Apparently, the slower rotation reduces oxidisation of the juice, which in turn gives is a richer, stronger taste. The taste definitely was fantastic, so it seems this is why! It really is a game-changer that will show you what you’ve been missing from store-bought juice. 
Efficient fruit to juice ratio 
Easy to clean 
Rarely clogs 
Large chamber for pulp 
Pulpless, smoother juice 
Can make thick juice, thin juice or sorbet 
Slow rotation means a richer taste 
Forward and reverse functions 
Looks attractive 
15 year warranty 
Now I’ll never want store juice again!