Kensington UH1440P USB-C Mobile Dock


Although it may seem like a small piece of tech, a Mobile Dock can be an incredibly useful piece of equipment. Using plug-and-play solutions means that you can effectively connect a wide variety of devices, and they can be used straight away with ease. I found that because of this, it meant that I could connect many devices to my computer in the office, whether it be my phone, a printer, or even another monitor, without the faff of wires or trying to connect via Bluetooth.

It also allows the Kensington UH1440P to be incredibly flexible, mainly due to the fact that it offers 8 different ports. So, what does it actually offer? Well, the Mobile Dock offers 3 USB Ports, a headphone jack, a HDMI port, and 2 ports for SD cards. (With a built-in SD reader for transferring things like photos from your camera). The Mobile Dock also offers an ethernet port, which is not something you see on most plug-and-play docks. This meant that if you need quick and easy access to the internet, you simply plug this in, along with your device and hey presto! This demonstrates the pure variety that the Kensington Mobile Dock has to offer, suiting hundreds of different jobs and uses.

This is particularly useful for me, as I have an Apple Mac laptop which has very limited port options.  Therefore, it can be difficult to connect to devices such as the TV etc. However, the Kensington Mobile Dock connected to my laptop perfectly fine using the USB-C feature, which also allowed me to connect my laptop to the TV via the HDMI Port. To this end, the UH1440P, offers not only an HDMI port, but also a choice of DisplayPort++ and VGA, (useful for working with older motors), offering a wider variety of options in comparison to many other Mobile Docks. Furthermore, it has a hefty 85W Power Pass-Through. This means that you can either use the laptop’s own power supply for the dock (or use a separate USB-C charger 85W or higher) to charge your laptop as well as all connected devices (such as your phone plugged in via USB). This makes charging devices ten times easier as it greatly reduces the number of chargers you have to carry.

Another great feature of the UH1440P, is that it offers dual 1080p video output, this once again makes this device stand out as not only does it greatly boost productivity, but it also outshines many other Mobile Docks that only offer single monitor output. The use of USB-C I found incredibly useful as this particular port is becoming most common, and yet many devices have not yet caught up, therefore providing a solution to many cross-compatibility issues in the office between phone and computer etc. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Kensington UH1400 Mobile Dock. In a world where we use multiple devices at once as part of our everyday lives, the Mobile Dock is brilliant for making all your devices accessible and coherent, as the UH1440P works with devices running Windows, macOS, IpadOS and Samsung DeX, demonstrating a clear diversification.


- Connects multiple devices easily.

- Wide variety of ports, including HDMI, DisplayPort++ and VGA ports.

- Provides dual video output at 1080p.

- Charges devices quickly.  

- Can connect to a range of software, that runs Windows, macOS, IPadOS, and Samsung X.

- Small and compact, easy to pack.