Kikkerland Four Seasons Cocktail Shaker


Celebrate cocktail hour in every season with the Kikkerland Four Seasons Cocktail Shaker which gives you the recipes and equipment to make a whole range of cocktails perfect for each season.

Around the main shaker glass are 8 different cocktail recipes, and the glass shows where to fill each of the ingredients to for a perfectly mixed drink. The recipes include the Black-Eyed Susan and Lemon Drop Martini for spring, the Junebug and Hurricane for summer, a Whiskey Sour and French Martini for autumn and finally Penicillin and Espresso Martini recipes for Winter. I love that the glass clearly shows what you need and just how much of each to pour in for each drink, giving you 8 different cocktail options all right in your shaker.

In addition to the shaker glass, you get a stainless-steel lid which features a strainer and a cap. These all fit together perfectly and provide a silicone seal to the glass so you can be sure when you are shaking your drinks they do not leak out. I tried out an Espresso Martini recipe (as it is my usual drink of choice) using the measurements provided I was impressed! It was well mixed for my taste and not too overpowering which was great. 

If you have a cocktail fan in your life this is an excellent gift this Christmas as in one single gift you are giving 8 cocktail recipes and all the equipment they will need to make it!


  • 8 cocktail recipes on the glass
  • Includes lid, strainer and cap with seal for perfect shaking and pouring
  • Sturdy glass and stainless steel components


  • Whilst the shaker does provide a range of cocktails, they may not all be to everyone taste depending on which flavours and alcohols people prefer