Le Toy Van Space Rocket Duo


Available at letoyvan.co.uk

The Space Rocket Duo is a simple but effective toy for young children as they learn the world around them through play. Thanks to the space rocket theme, your little ones can be transformed into astronauts and dive into their creativity and imagination as they construct scenarios and settings for the rocket.

The main larger rocket opens up via magnets to reveal a smaller rocket inside. The look of both pieces is great as they are all made in high-quality wood which has a good weight and smooth feel. Each piece is finished in child-friendly non-toxic paint so you can be happy that your little ones are safe playing with this toy.

The smaller rocket inside the larger allows children to develop their coordination and dexterity as they try and correctly align the two black arrows to magnetise the two sections of the larger rocket together. It also helps to promote cause and effect through the placement and retrieval of the smaller rocket inside.

As a parent you can feel extra confident getting this toy for your child as it is made of FSC-Certified wood which means it was sourced from sustainably managed forests – yet another great aspect of this small but great educational toy. The look of the rocket is top quality and thanks to its design provides your little ones with a whole range of adventures that are out of this world. I can see the rocket being great as your child continues to grow as not only will it help very young children with coordination, but for slightly older children the imaginative free play that a rocket can provide is next level.

Overall, if someone in your family has a new little one around this Christmas, or you want to treat your child to a toy that is sustainably made, looks great and will give them hours of playtime, then the Space Rocket Duo is the perfect choice. It’s a toy that will grow with your child and continue to provide great imagination development, all in a compact plastic-free unit.


  • Top quality plastic-free wood design
  • Helps develop imagination, dexterity, and coordination, as well as a cause-and-effect understanding
  • Provides hours of open free play and numerous intergalactic adventures 


  • It is on the pricier end for a single toy