LifeStraw Peak Series Gravity 3L Water Filter System


As any keen camper knows, the acquiring and transporting of water is an absolute pain. Although it is always very tempting to just buy lots of bottles of water from the shop beforehand, this ultimately ends up being heavy and takes up so much space in an already cramped bag. With the LifeStraw Peak Series Gravity Filter System, I found that on my trip recently I could collect and transport water easily. This is primarily due to the flexibility of the bag, and its main function of filtering water, which made the trip a lot easier than normal.  

From the offset, I found it very easy to be packed as it can roll up into tight spaces or simply be clipped onto the side of the bag. The durable texture of the bag means that it is robust enough to be carried on a trip. The filter for me, however, is by far the best part. Although I have always been apprehensive about drinking directly out of the river, the filter system of the bag worked very effectively and made the experience a lot more comfortable. Additionally, the LifeStraw Peak Series Gravity Filter System filters bacteria, parasites, and microplastics from fresh water sources and also protects against silt, sand, and cloudiness.

Another small but useful feature is the hook at the bottom of the bag. Although this at first seems insignificant, it allows you to hang the gravity filter system so that it becomes a sort of tap. This makes it incredibly versatile, as not only can you use it to drink, but also used to wash like a shower. (Albeit a very short one I thoroughly enjoyed it).

The only thing I would say is that it can occasionally leak a bit when it gets really full, so you have to be careful not to overfill. Additionally, you have to acquire quite a fast-flowing stream to be able to fill it up, so occasionally it can take a while. That being said, you can use the filter from the bag as a straw that you put directly into the water, so there are various options.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it for camping trips and alike, to make finding water just that bit easier!

4 / 5 Stars


- can be easily packed

- makes nearly all fresh water drinkable

- hook so it can be used as a tap


- can occasionally leak

- must use fast flowing stream to fill up