Majority P300 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker


Take the party with you wherever you go with Majority’s P300 Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker which is designed to deliver a powerful sound and an all-round fun experience. Perfect for the beach, garden parties or small events; the P300 will turn every gathering into a colourful and karaoke-filled experience.

Straight out of the box, the speaker is quite large in its all-black casing. The top of the speaker has all your controls, including a volume dial. In addition, there is an orange easy-to-grip handle on the top which makes it easy to move about. I was impressed that even with its large size and robust look, the speaker is actually rather lightweight which makes it easy to take with you for events or activities.

To use the speaker you simply turn it on, connect to your phone or device via Bluetooth and you’re ready to play your favourite tunes. I found the connection to be quick and it remained strong throughout the few hours that I tested it out. One of the great aspects of the speaker being completely Bluetooth, which you often don’t get with a speaker of this size, is that it can run completely wirelessly. Not only do you not need to plug your phone into the speaker to use it, but you don’t need to plug it into the mains to power it to use it because the speaker holds up to 8 hours of battery life from a single charge. Therefore, the P300 is perfect for taking with you to the beach, a park or camping where you may not have a power source. However, should you have a long event where you need it for more than 8 hours, you can choose to plug the speaker into the mains for hours and hours of seamless playback.

In terms of sound for the price and size, you are being spoilt by Majority. The speaker boasts a 300w powerful speaker system which provides a good bass and clear quality no matter the song choice or volume. Have tested it out with a few different styles of music I have to say I’m impressed! The sound is great, and for group events or days out it will meet your needs perfectly. The speaker will be excellent as we start to move into spring, and we can begin garden parties/outdoor gatherings again without freezing!

The P300 even comes with a microphone turning the speaker into a karaoke machine in an instant. The microphone comes alongside the speaker remote, which allows you to pause the music at a distance and announcements on the mic. I imagine this would be especially great for parties to announce things such as food being ready and the cake's arrival. As a great little bonus, the speaker has coloured LED light rings on the speaker face which you can make spin and change colour by syncing to the music via the remote - making every listening experience with the speaker just that little bit more fun.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the P300 speaker. Not only is it a great speaker, but it is designed to make every listening experience fun, easy and portable. If you are looking for a new speaker that will make garden parties, beach trips and birthdays a breeze, then the Majority P300 Bluetooth Party Speaker is the perfect choice for you.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Colourful LED lights that sync to your music
  • Includes a karaoke mic and remote
  • Strong Bluetooth connectivity


  • Sound quality does not rival more expensive speaker options on the market but it is great for the price point