Majority Studio 1 Over Ear Headphones


Designed to deliver a comfortable listening experience from your home to the studio, Majority’s Studio 1 Over-Ear Headphones enhance your listening experience without any of the pressure and pain you may expect from other headphone models.

I was super excited to get to test out the Studio 1 Headphones by Majority, and I was not disappointed. The headphones come in all black with grey details on the ear cuffs with the Majority logo. They look stylish and have a high-quality feel which you may not expect from a pair of headphones with at such an affordable price point.

A crucial aspect of the Studio 1 Headphones is that they have been made with comfort in mind. The ear cuffs and headband are cushioned to provide a supportive and comfortable all-day wear. I tested the headphones while getting some work done and was surprised by how comfortable they were. The cushioning didn’t put additional pressure on my head and the ear cuffs are designed to fit over your ears rather than to sit on them and provide extra cushioning. I much prefer headphones that sit over the ear as I find they deliver better sound and a more comfortable listening experience. 

The sound quality of the Studio 1 Headphones is top-notch. The headphones have been designed with dynamic 50mm drivers to deliver crystal clear sound whether in the studio, DJing, casually listening to music or even streaming TV shows at home. Personally, I am no DJ and don’t frequent a studio, however, as a regular music and TV show streamer, I found the sound quality great for my needs.

As a wired headphone option, the Studio 1 Headphones deliver great sound quality without the typical tied-down feeling that many wired headphone models have. The cable is coiled to make dancing and moving around whilst connected to your device easier without an excessively long wire getting in the way. The wire has a 3.5 mm audio jack, but Majority have usefully included a 6.5mm audio jack extender in the box, alongside the travel bag, to allow the headphones to fit into a much wider variety of devices.

Overall, if you are looking for a pair of headphones that sound great, feel comparable to some of the more expensive headphones on the market and are designed for comfort, then the Majority Studio 1 Headphones are a great choice for you.


  • Cushioned earpads and headband
  • Quality sound and design
  • Affordable price point for the luxury feel


  • The Headphones only come in black/grey, so other colour options would be great especially for DJing.