Latticia® OT

The NEW Latticia® OT (One Touch) automatic bean to cup coffee machine creates top-tier barista style drinks from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Thanks to its double foaming function, the new technology (otherwise known as the LATTEperfection System) enables higher temperatures to get that milk well and truly foamed – complete with a fine-pored froth!

What’s more, by clicking on the One Touch button you can choose from a Café Crème, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Milk froth with just one (simple) touch – not to mention the super silent grinder which grinds the coffee extra quietly. The coffee strength and grind can also be adjusted to suit individual tastes.

This must have electrical kitchen appliance also features an XL water tank (1.5l) and bean container (250g) which has been specially created ‘extra-large’ to enable coffee enjoyment in the smallest of spaces.

The practical Double Cup mode is a real time-saver too as it allows preparation of two identical drinks simultaneously.

The Melitta® Latticia® OT is available via RRP £569.99



Time to rethink the latte with the LatteSelect® fully automated bean to cup coffee machine by Melitta®

Thanks to its one-touch, ease of use function and coloured picture display the sensor fields start the preparation of your favourite coffee speciality. Choose from one of the twelve coffee recipes or save one of your own special settings. With the option to select the four classics – i.e. espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato, you can also use the menu to make eight other coffee specialities such as a lungo, americano or espresso macchiato via the My Coffee memory function. This is coffee enjoyment and convenience at its best.

When it comes to coffee preparation, the LatteSelect® features the two-chamber bean container with the manual bean select function for individual taste. This allows you to choose, for example, either fine mild coffee beans or aromatic and strong espresso beans. In fact, for individual tastes, the brewing strength can be adjusted to four settings and the grinding fineness to five settings. It even has a Double Cup mode which allows two cups to be filled simultaneously.

Whilst the Aromasafe® lid and the dark tinting of the container retain the aroma of the coffee beans, there is also a separate ground coffee chute for ground coffee. This ‘must have’ kitchen appliance is even characterised by an ultra-quiet (and award winning) grinder that uses a particularly low-noise grinding process – having received a Quiet Mark award in recognition.

The Italian preparation process also ensures an authentic taste as the ingredients are combined in the right order using an original Italian recipe. This means that for a latte macchiato, the espresso is added after the milk and the milk froth. For a cappuccino, it’s the reverse.

Fast and hygienic – each time a drink is make with milk, this modern and sophisticated machine offers to clean the parts in contact with milk. At the press of a button, hot water and steam start cleaning thoroughly. Even the plug-in milk system is dishwasher-safe, easy to remove and fits in any fridge.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the LatteSelect® employs PRO AQUA filter technology to filter the water during preparation and prevent lime scale deposits from accumulating. The drip tray is also made out of stainless-steel with a plastic insert to prevent scratching.

The Melitta® LatteSelect® is available via RRP £1,049.99


LOOK® V Therm Timer

The Melitta® LOOK® V Therm Timer gives you long-lasting coffee enjoyment at the time you want. Simply prepare the water, Melitta® coffee filter and coffee, set the time and relax with a really good cup of coffee. Key features include:

  • An unbreakable double-walled stainless-steel insulated jug which is also shockproof and allows for the coffee to be kept warm for a long time.
  • A practical timer feature with LED display allowing for coffee enjoyment when you want it. The appliance switches on automatically at the time you set.
  • AromaSelector lets you choose how you want your coffee brewed with just one touch. Enjoy your coffee mild or strong without having to make water adjustments.
  • Jug lid with convenient Easy Click feature. To open or close the jug lid, simply press the fasteners and lift up the lid or place it back on the jug for easy and convenient to use

LOOK® V Therm Timer is available via – RRP:  £149.99 in black or white. V Therm Timer, 


LOOK® V Timer

With its modern design and several high-quality stainless-steel features, this great filter coffee machine includes many handy functions such as a removable water tank, a patented AromaSelector and a practical time function.


LOOK® V Timer is available via – RRP:  £114.99 in black or white