Melitta amigo Coffee Grinder


Nothing quite beats that first cup of coffee before you start your day, and there’s nothing that tastes better than freshly ground coffee for every single cup too. Melitta needs no introduction to coffee lovers, they are heavy hitters in the coffee world who know what a good cup of coffee should taste like, and the amigo coffee grinder is no exception.

The amigo coffee grinder is a compact coffee unit standing only around 20cm in height, but it packs a powerful punch to grind your coffee to your exact preferences. The unit is sleek and small with an all-black base, clear lid, and silver accents. Inside the grinding chamber are two high-quality stainless-steel blades, ready to grind your coffee exactly to your preferences and needs.

To use the amigo coffee grinder, you simply pour your favourite coffee bean into the opening, place the lid on and push down the grinding button. The unit has a capacity of 60 grams – great for multiple cups from a single grinding session. I found the lid works perfectly to measure beans into, which makes it just a little bit easier to make your coffee every day. One of my favourite aspects of the grinder is that the blades will not turn without the lid on, so the unit has been made just that extra bit safer for the user. 

I popped about 15 grams of my favourite coffee beans into the amigo coffee grinder to make a couple of cups for me and a friend in my French press. Melitta recommends about 10 seconds of grinding for use in a French press, and the resulting grind size was perfect for my needs and taste. However, should you want a finer grind size you simply just grind for a little longer, and can monitor it through the clear lid until you reach your desired grind size. Once you’ve reached your desired grind size, and the coffee is busy brewing away, you simply clean the unit using the included brush and a damp cloth. Therefore, the use, effectiveness, and cleaning of the amigo coffee grinder couldn’t be easier!

Overall, you really can’t fault the amigo coffee grinder for its ability to deliver quick and easy coffee grinding on demand. If you are looking for a great coffee grinder to add to your coffee set, or to buy as a gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life, then the Melitta amigo coffee grinder is a very easy choice.


  • Easy and functional coffee grinder
  • Safety features to keep users extra safe
  • Lightweight and compact to easily fit in with other coffee machines/setups


  • The power cable is quite short meaning using the grinder might be a little more inconvenient if there is not an outlet readily available near your coffee setup