Meta Quest 2


In recent years, the explosion of the VR Headset has really shaken up the gaming world. Mainly because it incorporates the latest technology to create a gaming experience like never before. The Meta Quest 2 is by far no exception. The Meta platform is a recent advancement of Facebook, meaning that it is the brainchild of one of the most powerful corporations in the world. At the Gadgethead office we were super excited to try out the Meta Quest 2 with the Oculus ‘Walking Dead and Saints and Sinner’ game. Safe to say it certainly provided quite a fright… Having been developed by the Meta Platforms, there is a great emphasis on reality, as the graphics and scenery that surround you are freakishly real and keep you immersed in the Walking Dead world for hours.

First and foremost, the Meta Quest 2 arrives in sleek and simplistic packaging, to match the seamless design of the headset. Admittedly, we found that the setting up process of the Meta Quest is more complex than the online gaming we are used to on Xbox and PlayStation. The main instruction for set-up is a simple pictogram on the inner lid. Once the Meta Quest is all set up, however, it is easy to navigate as it guides through instructions and gameplay. The headset itself was surprisingly comfortable and lightweight, with a cushioned support brace that allows it to remain sturdy and snug. Additional comfort is also provided for those with glasses, as a frame can be used so that it still remains accessible to a wider audience. The controls are also really comfortable to hold for extended periods of gaming, as they are shaped specifically for handheld action, making them really easy to use.

From the get-go, you are transfixed in a 360 world that was quite unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The quality of the graphics is otherworldly, truly allowing you to be transformed into a different space. Therefore, when confronted with an onslaught of zombies, you can’t help but go into fight or flight mode. This is further encouraged by the fact that the headset has a surround sound system, as well as a vibration motion in the controls. The gore and fright factor of the Walking Dead is therefore elevated into a new realm of gameplay. The only problem with the game I found is that you can’t manually save it once you’ve finished. This was designed on purpose so that each of your decisions has consequences. It can only be saved whilst at certain points, meaning that some of your progress may be lost. On the other hand, it does add to the ‘realness’ of the game.

The Meta App that pairs with the headsets is also worth a mention, as it lets you connect to the Appstore and link new devices. The best part about the Meta App, however, is the fact that you can watch in real-time what the person playing is doing. This is great fun if you’re with friends and want a good laugh at them trying to stab a zombie or two. Due to the fact it must also be paired with a Facebook account, you can play online with friends as well, giving you more of a chance of survival. For this to have a true effect though, you must have access to strong Wi-Fi throughout the game, otherwise it can begin to glitch, which disrupts the transformative experience.  On the other hand, the headset itself has a long battery life considering its technical capabilities. You are provided with a charging cable and a plug, that allows for easy charging.

Overall, once you’ve got over the VR motion sickness, the Meta Quest 2 is amazing for any newcomers or seasoned professionals of the VR experience. Even in terms of price, the Meta Quest 2 is reasonable when compared to others on the market. Particularly when Meta has certainly raised the bar in the VR world.

4/5 stars.


- Arrives in sleek packaging.

- Cushioned surrounding head brace.

- Comes with glasses spacer for people to use with glasses, allowing sight and comfort.

- Incredibly high-quality graphics.

- Provides a tour for set up.

- Motion vibrations through the handsets.

- Surround sound.



- Can’t manually save the game

- Needs strong Wi-Fi.

- May cause slight motion sickness.

- Set-up time can be more complex than the online process for Xbox or PlayStation.