Minimeis G4 Shoulder Carrier


Over the years, we have reviewed many baby carriers, all with their unique features and purposes. The Minimeis G4 Shoulder Carrier is perfect for those parents who love the outdoors and exploring. Indeed, Minimeis was created with the idea of adventure, fun and quality time, as they believe that the world looks its best from safe shoulders. After putting the Minimeis to the test I would certainly say that it has done the trick in giving your child a sense of the wild from a safe and secure place.

The Minimeis carrier is suitable for ages 6 months to 4 years, which allows the product to be very long-lasting and worth the money. Additionally, even from the carrier’s appearance, you can’t help but notice that is much more structured and robust than other baby carriers. This means that your child can stay secure whilst sitting comfortably on your shoulders. This is great for when you are carrying the child for extended periods of time, perhaps when you are on a family holiday or showing your little one the beautiful countryside on a hike. Consequently, whilst your child is taking in the nature around them, the Minimeis guarantees that their back is well supported, which in turn means less discomfort in your neck, back, and shoulders over an extended period of time. And yet despite the hard skeleton of the carrier, the Minimeis has thick soft padding across the child’s seating area and the carrier’s shoulders, so that sturdy security does not infringe on comfort.

Minimeis recommends that you open each strap fully so that the infant can be placed in the carrier smoothly. Thankfully, this is a simple procedure as the buckles and straps are simple to use. You then place the carrier over your shoulders, and adjust it to where it is comfortable, subsequently adjusting the first three straps on the sides and on the front nearest your shoulders. Importantly, you should not tighten the front strap fully to your chest, because it may cause the carrier to slide backwards. Instead, you tighten the side straps so that it fits firmly to your arms and shoulders. It is at this point that you can adjust the chest strap so that everything stays in place. Consequently, you can lift the child into the carrier, but you must make sure that they are sat fully back into the seat before you strap them in, to ensure optimum comfort for both you and the child. Thankfully, Minimeis provide an informative video, that is easy to follow and explains in greater detail how to adjust and use the shoulder carrier.

The packaging of the Minimeis Shoulder Carrier is another great aspect, as it arrives in a drawstring bag, meaning that there is no plastic involved. (A big environmental plus.) The bag is made from thick material so can be used again and again, either to transport the Minimeis around or to carry anything else you may need for your child’s adventurous expedition. The shoulder carrier also folds down to a really compact size that will easily fit under the buggy or in the back of the car and can easily be opened up when needed. The Minimeis is also available in Black Navy, Burgandy, Urban Camo, Grey/Orange, and Black Grey, providing a wide range of colours.

The Minimeis G4 Shoulder Carrier is the best companion for your child’s adventures as it provides great support for both you and the child, whilst letting you roam the countryside hands-free in comfort and style. 



- Lets you take your child on exciting adventures!

- Very robust

- Can be used over a long period of time.

- Comfortable to wear over long periods.

- Thick and soft padding.

- Simple use of straps and buckles.

- Video available to inform parents on how to use.

- Plastic-free packaging.

- Arrives in a reusable drawstring bag.

- Available in a wide range of colours.