Waboba MoonShine 


It’s bright, it bounces, it’s out of this world – we got sent the Waboba MoonShine, and we’ve been causing havoc around the office with it ever since! 
The Waboba MoonShine is nothing complicated – it's a bouncy ball, and it has some SERIOUS bounce. If you give it enough on a whack, it’ll also light up and flash white, making it an awful lot of fun to throw around in a dark room. That light-up core does mean it makes a heavier impact than a regular bouncy ball – not enough to be worried about at all, but if it knocks into your head, you will definitely feel it. 
Perhaps to aid its bounce, the MoonShine has many flat surfaces with crater-like dips in them, adding to its moon-like appearance. These flat sides also mean that even if you stand in the same spot and bounce the ball in the same way repeatedly, it’ll occasionally veer off in different directions, which just adds to the chaos and fun if you’re hurling it around. 
The MoonShine is small, fitting easily in your hand. It’s rubbery and comfortable to catch, and it has 100+ hours of battery life, so that light should keep working for a long time! Once it dies, however, there’s no way to get into the ball and replace the battery, but with only a few seconds of burst at a time, you’ve got a long way to go before that power runs out. 
The MoonShine bounces extremely well on most surfaces. It’s affordable, it’s safe (or as safe as a bouncy ball can be if you plan to hurl it at things), and it’s addictively good fun! 
Extremely bouncy 
100 hour battery life 
Soft impact (ish) 
Can’t replace battery 
Can be a bit of a hard donk to the head