Newton Gravity 12 Running Shoes


The market for running shoes is fairly saturated, therefore companies are coming up with more inventive ways to make their product unique. Some ideas are certainly better than others. Newton’s Gravity 12 range, however, has imaginative features which are actually very effective in helping you run, whilst still being affordable and comfortable.

The Gravity 12’s have a thicker inside sole than most trainers, providing ample cushioning and support to your foot whilst on the move. However, compared to other trainers, the external sole is pretty minimal. Rather, Newton has a thick set of lugs that line the bottom, known as the ‘XPS+ Plating System’, which is built from castor beans, earning Newton big ticks for sustainability as companies continue to think about their green footprint. The plating lets you have more leverage and flexibility when you run, as many people have reported that it lets the shoe be reactive to your stride, with five separate lugs for each metatarsal.

When I tested the Gravity 12s by running around my local park, I found them to feel slightly strange at first. They require extra care and attention from the runner and they can certainly take a bit of time to get adjusted to, which could be annoying to some runners. I would not go as far to say that they made a huge difference to my pace and stamina, but I did find the Gravity 12s helped my cadence and form when running. They helped train my feet into having a midfoot strike, as I naturally am a forefront striker, which isn’t great for long-distance runners. Therefore, I would definitely recommend the Gravity 12s if you want to improve your foot positioning when running.

When looking at the upper part of the shoe, it feels very light and flimsy. Some runners would be turned off by this, as they want more support. However, I personally prefer a lighter feel to the shoe as it enables breathability and ventilation, as well as greater flexibility. In the men’s Gravity 12 range, there is a broad range of sizes, as well as three colour combinations available (Blue/Black, Citron, and Grey/Red). For the women’s range, there are also plenty of colour options, (Navy/ Artic, Citron, Sky Blue/Pink) as well as a slight alteration in the design and fit to suit women’s feet better.


- Thicker inside sole.

- Plating System includes foot positioning and cadence.

- Brilliant breathability and Ventilation.

- 3 different colour combinations are available.