PMD Clean Pro Gold


We’ve had our fair share of skin products here at Gadgethead, and often we have found that they seem to be fad, with little effectiveness on the skin. And yet, the PMD Clean Pro Gold has the attraction of other skin care products, but unlike the others, it actually works…

The PMD Clean Pro Gold, in its simplest form, is a facial cleanser. However, this is a cleanser with a twist! As it uses smart facial cleansing technology alongside the more traditional method of the anti-ageing roller. The smart technology materialises through a staggering 7000 vibrations per minute that arrive via silicon bristles, effectively working to remove dirt and oil from your pores and letting you really massage away any grease that lies deep in your skin. It was also a really nice way to massage in my own foam cleansers and serums as it distributes the product really well across the skin. This being said, if I had to be really fussy, I found the head of the clean pro to be quite large and would perhaps prefer a smaller touch pad to the skin to really get into each part of the face and neck.

Clean Pro also cleverly lets you adjust the vibration mode from ‘Gentle’ to ‘Intense’, in case you really want to give your face a good scrub. At first, I was a bit apprehensive at to what it might feel like, in case it felt too heavy on my skin, or too delicate. However, I was pleasantly surprised as it really gets into the pores and leaves your skin feeling tingly, toned, and fresh.

My favourite part, however, is the ActiveWarmth heat therapy massager on the other side. This felt so soothing and dreamy on my skin and helps the ProClean glide around your face. This is particularly nice when using it as part of my night-time routine as it makes me feel ultra-relaxed, almost like getting a real facial in a spa!! At this point an improvement would be that maybe the heat pad acted as an exfoliator, it would be the ultimate device! However, I did like the fact that the heat therapy plate was 24K gold plated as it made me feel really glamorous whilst simply looking in my bathroom mirror.

The PMD Clean Pro also comes with a case for storage. I always find little quirks like this really useful as it means that I can transport it with me when I go away, almost like my own portable spa in a simple case. Also, unlike previous clean bro products, it is self-charging rather than going through batteries which is always a nice touch for both the environment and my bank account.

Overall, if you’re looking for a gadget that will really step up your skin routine this Christmas, then go no further for the PMD Clean Pro!!  

4/5 stars


- Smart Facial Cleansing Technology.

- Fast and Effective Vibrations.

- Really gets into the clogged pores.

- ActiveWarmth heat pad.

- Comes with a transportation box. 

- Free standing.

- doesn’t need batteries

- Comes in nine different colours. 



- Could potentially be an exfoliator

- The head is a bit big.

- Pricey so do your research.