Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L Bag


When out and about getting great camera shots you need a sturdy, reliable and most importantly waterproof bag to keep your camera and all your lenses protected. Peak Design has created the Everyday Sling for just this purpose with a range of pockets and attachment options to ensure you have everything you need to make capturing content convenient.

The Everyday Sling is a fairly robust feeling bag which has been designed to be weatherproof. The bag is one of the lightest by Peak Design, but it has so many options for the everyday storage of your camera, lenses, and SD cards whilst on the go. On the front is a quick stash pocket perfect for throwing last-minute batteries or attachments into. I did find the zip was a little stiff to use, but this is due to the UltaZip design which helps to ensure no rain can get into the bag where it could cause havoc with your equipment.

Inside the main part of the bag is a FlexFold divider which can be moved or removed thanks to its Velcro attachment. This is useful in helping to organise the bag in a way that best suits your needs whether for camera equipment or everyday essentials. Additionally, there are a range of internal organisation pockets which are perfect for keeping small items together. On the outside of the bag, there is a range of attachment points perfect for keeping rigid gear with you - even when it does not fit in your bag. These allow you to attach a small tripod to the base of the bag and secure it in place whilst you’re on the move. 

As the name suggests, the Everyday Sling is designed to fit across your body and can be worn tightly to keep all your valuable camera equipment close to your person, or more loosely when used as a regular everyday essentials bag. The bag has quick adjustable straps, so you can adjust it to suit your needs whilst on the go with just a quick pull on the adjusters.

I used the Everyday Sling bag as my regular bag for a week or so and was impressed with its quality. I could easily fit my smaller camera and a few lenses in the bag, and still had plenty of space for essentials even though it is the smallest bag in the range. There is also a 6L and 10L version which can fit a DSLR camera, larger lenses and even have space for a tablet or laptop. For me, however, the 3L bag was perfect for my needs.

If you are on the hunt for a new camera bag, you can’t go wrong with Peak Design’s Everyday Sling Bag. However, even if you don’t need a bag specifically just for a camera, the top-quality organisation and weatherproof nature of the Everyday Sling make it perfect for many people to take with them on a daily basis. It has plenty of room for a whole range of items and anyone would be pleased to have a bag with this much space and organisation built in.


  • Multiple pockets and attachment points for all of your needs
  • High-quality and waterproof shell design
  • Fully adjustable strap for versatile use (can even be used as a waist bag)


  • Some zips are a little stiff due to the waterproof design – but I’m sure these will get more malleable over time